Avoid any heating coils that come into contact with the water, which can potentially leach nickel. Avoid all plastic on the interior of the kettle. BPA replacements, like BPS, BPF, BPAF are just as bad, if not worse. You don’t want your freshly steamed water to condense onto a plastic lid & drop right back into the water.

Smeg is known for its high-end kitchen equipment—from stovetops and refrigerators tocoffee makersand toasters—that combines modern technology with a retro look. And the Smeg Electric Kettle is no different, offering super-fast heating with a design that looks like it fell right out of a mid-century modern museum. And you can get it in any of six adorable colors.

Works on both electric burners and a gas stove top. With both, the water boils in just a couple minutes. Avoid kettles where the heating coil is exposed to the water. A hidden heating element – Electric kettle ensuring there are no plastic parts or heating elements exposed to your water.

This 2-Quarts stainless steel kettle will alert you when your brew is ready even if you are two rooms away. As many reviewers point out, the construction is durable, but not too heavy and made in america tea kettle it’s more than able to bring water to a boil in minutes. Fill the kettle with a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent distilled white vinegar, cleaning vinegar, or lemon juice.

To help you make a more informed buying decision, our Lab experts researched and tested the kettles on this list. They spent weeks assessing each one and rating them on their usability, durability, design, capacity, and boiling speed, among other areas. Features are limited but include those that matter most — automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection. The 1000W heating element is slow compared to 1500W models, but it still manages to boil two liters of water in about 10 minutes, and it looks good doing it.

If your electric tea kettle has a water filter cartridge, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and replacement, or clean it at least once every other month. No matter what primary material they’re made of, make sure your tea kettle includes heat-safe elements like handles, spigots, and knobs. Think about whether you want a whistle, and if so, what type of sound (some come with a modulated whistle, that gets louder as the temperature rises, while others are one-tone). Your patience for waiting out a long boil time will be rewarded, as nothing retains heat quite like cast iron. And kettles made from this ultra-sturdy material are invariably striking.

Our testers found the heatproof handle on the Susteas kettle to be very effective, but it doesn’t fold down, which makes it take up a lot of shelf space. This kettle has a unique shape that suits both retro and modern kitchens, and the brushed stainless steel fits any decor. We also found the material to be truly stain-resistant, and according to customers who have used the kettle for long periods of time, it’s rust-resistant, too.

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