She typically covers topics related to women’s issues, politics, and lifestyle. When she’s not buried behind her computer you’ll find her exploring New York City or planning her next big adventure. Get creative, and find something fun that makes you feel like YOU at this party, no matter what else is going on around you. You might think that all you need to get ready for such a party is a cute outfit and some jewelry, but there’s more to it than that.

You want to look like you’ve just stepped out of your favorite fairy tale—and not just any fairy tale! And in order to do that, you need some help from me. Get exclusive offers by signing up to our mailing list. Yes, it’s all the small details in life that drive me & evertyhing I do….. I added some dried split peas to some mason jars before adding the silverware.

They were potted in decorative cupcake cases and the Thank-You tags were attached with mini pegs. We handmade this wooden sign to welcome guests to the party! All you need is white paint, a wooden pole, some old planks and a few nails. The kiddies table was bright and full of color with a little added greenery.

But if you’re going to an enchanted forest theme party, it’s best not to wear any clothing at all. This whimsical Enchanted Forest Slumber Party, styled by Priscila Hawn of Sweet Memories By Design was a fun-filled party with unique and creative design elements. As guests entered the party, they were welcomes with a wooden ONE filled with paint blick pink and gold balloons. Pinks, golds, white and greenery filled the space accented with rustic wooden elements, such as the dessert table backdrop and dessert platters. Not even sure why enchanted forest was the theme I wanted, but I wanted something with flowers. Honestly there isn’t a lot of enchanted forest themed pins out there.

A magic potion quest, for instance, sends kids on a hunt for the ingredients they will use to make their very own bottle of potion. I have literally been planning this party shortly after she was born. I originally started with a pink and gold theme party, but quickly realized I needed more than some colors as a theme.

PartyNet and our suppliers are out of stock on these items. However if your party is still some time away you may order the item and keep it on back order. If the item is still out of stock by the date of your party we will refund the item amount.

The table fit for fairies had a stunning handcrafted runner that unfolded a fairytale with its delicate and pretty whimsical elements. There were miniature fairies perched under pink and gold mushrooms while the golden birds nestled next to crystal jars with pearls. Bell jars and cages adorning delicate florals and butterflies joined seamlessly with the flowers on the runner. The enchanted forest is a beloved theme for parties. But if you’re not sure what to wear, you can’t be the best possible version of yourself at the event.

Really, it’s a party to which both boys and girls can go, unless you want to organize a little ladies-only fairy tea or Disney princess party. A favourite with my two daughters was making fairy potions or perfume. For this you will need some old jars, long handled spoons, water, then flower petals, lavender, any other herbs you have in the garden. You could gather leaves and foliage to use for decorating.

I love the outdoors & live for al fresco dinner parties, cozy candlelit romantic affairs with warm fires & blankets to share. Stopped by, bringing pretty face painting, whimsical balloon animals, cotton candy and even a magic show. There was a bouncy house where kiddos could jump around and release their energy, which got them tired enough for painting. Combining the best of folklore and fantasy, Jay Samani and Benaz Katgara’s cocktail party hosted in Mumbai was no less than a dream with its show-stopping, unique decor. Additionally, WeddingSutra Favorite – Zest Events ensured that the event went ahead without a hiccup with their seamless planning. Used icing out of a jar and iced it to give a semi naked look.

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