This is more common in a cuck/hotwife dynamic than in a stag/vixen relationship. I’m able to completely lose myself in the moment knowing full well I have my husband’s approval. I was shocked after my first encounter when I didn’t feel guilt but I had my husband’s full backing – this is not cheating as I share everything with my husband and he communicates with the bulls. He is the one who initially talks to the ‘potentials’ and he will pass them onto me if he feels we’d get along.

The cuck might be involved in foreplay, or ‘forced’ to give the other man a blow job, but he’s not invited in. Perhaps he wants to see you fucked silly by a rampant well-muscled stud he could never be? Or maybe it’s seeing you own another cock as if it’s nothing, sliding your wet slutty pussy smearing your juices all over a sex toy male to be used and fucked. As long as all parties are adult, consenting, respectful and enthusiastic—sharing your Hot Wife fantasy adventure can be thrilling and really drive your relationship to the next level.

Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. As there are almost infinite combinations of flavors of ice cream, toppings, fruits, sprinkles…, hotwifing couples should find whatever variety of practices that works for them, call it whatever they want, and just have at it. Interestingly, many Stags have no interest in sexual encounters with other women. The stag gets a thrill from watching his vixen have sex with another man.

She finds herself getting turned on by the idea and they take the first steps into the hotwifing lifestyle. The first physical encounter though is with a mutual friend who happens to be female, not the traditional ‘Bull’ male. It is, for this Vixen at least, a more gentle introduction into the hotwife role. The couple seem to take it step by step, the first encounter with another man being a threesome with all parties present and the wife taking each man in turn until they have a spit roast together and all are sated. A couple in which the man shares his woman with other men for erotic NSA encounters, yet the husband is straight hetero alpha and not seeking bi play nor humiliation and the woman does not demean or sissify her man. Stag vixen is the other variant of the hotwifing lifestyle.

No – for a man to be a cuckold, his partner would have gone behind his back to do the deed – bringing him shame and humiliation. I love to feature beautiful sexual imagery within my magazine and occasionally use images from the Internet that are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event that there is a error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and will be removed immediately upon request. The Vixen, also known as ‘Hotwife’, has sex with the encouragement of her husband or boyfriend with the Bull (that’s the guy who is servicing her).

The number of people who have approached me through my website and blog, asking for advice as to how to embark on the lifestyle still astounds me. As I have previously said, it is very much a cultural taboo and is sadly unlikely to be ever truly accepted for a number of different reasons. Not at present but I feel as though I have a new ability to identify other possible hotwife couples when I’m out and about. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to the ‘Big Apple,’ particularly around Christmas, to experience the many delights that it has to offer.

I have and it’s not something I personally would find any enjoyment with. On occasions when we have been with a couple, I didn’t feel any sexual gratification when I observed my husband with another woman and it sounds crazy but neither really did he. For my husband, the pleasure comes from watching me with another man. He often refers to me as being his favourite porn star.

As much as I love watching, I can’t wait for the Bull to leave so I can ravish Susie myself”. After this, the couple decides they are ready to start with the vixen meeting bulls . The vixen finds it hugely exciting and naughty to be taken by another man with the full knowledge of her husband. The blog explains the notion of ‘reclaiming’ after she has had oral sex with a large cocked bull in his car. There is a moment of nerves for the vixen as she has swallowed his come, something her husband has never been privileged to.

Well, in cuckolding, the person watching is being humiliated. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive or better endowed man who is having sex with the partner. Through reading the two voices of the Secret Stag and the Secret Vixen it is clear that the adventure began from a place of love and deep mutual respect. For example, the first entry in the Secret Stag blog is all about how much he adores his wife and wants her to see how beautiful and attractive she is. After years of trying to give her compliments and her not quite believing them, he wants her to see herself as he and so many other men do. He also adds that as much as he loves watching, he can’t wait for the Bull to leave so that he can ravish his wife.

Having never really been single for an extended period of time, I very much missed out on the dating scene and had never been on a date with someone who wasn’t previously a friend. Therefore I missed out on those butterflies that one has when going on a first date. I’m certainly not complaining and feel very stone mountain pet lodge blaine fortunate with my love life previous to marriage. I love getting to know a ‘potential’ bull and the anticipation of a first meet is exhilarating, not to mention the possibilities that it can lead to. Where ‘dating’ in the hotwife lifestyle differs to that of conventional dates is that there is no pressure.

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