Using a large hook with a tight stitch will give you a good medium as well as using a smaller hook with a larger stitch. Check out my blog post here that may give you an idea of what stitch you would like to use. When in doubt, use a simple stitch such as a half double crochet or a double crochet! It will create a basic stitch that looks lovely in a striped blanket.

It is made using the single crochet, half double crochet, and puff stitch to create tons of texture. I’ve loved crocheting the blanket from this pattern. I still have the border to add but am happy with the 172 rows I have completed. Your picture instructions are wonderfully clear and a great help.

Looking for a nice, long crochet project you can really sink your teeth into? Look no further than this Boho Stripes Blanket. I think I’ll give this pattern a try myself, but I’ll probably turn it into a winter scarf so it won’t take me forever to finish. I am making this blanket right now! I love how cheery and engaging it is. I’m doing Granny squares at the moment, using every different square I can find, and making up some of my own.

Plus, once your project is done, it can keep you warm and cozy. You can also opt to use your blanket as a home decor piece draped over your favorite chair. Colour sequence – change colour after each section using the images as inspiration. You can use any colour sequence that you like but we used a combination of 5 colours. And if you need some color combination ideas, make sure to check out the section in this post about some color option ideas.

With tons of support and our expert-guided tutorials, you’ll learn new techniques as the project progresses. Use the search bar to find a crochet pattern, or choose a crochet category. Be sure to share your projects on our Facebook Page. This crochet sunflower bag Soothing Stripes Blanket is the perfect project for anyone from beginner to pro crocheter who enjoys the soothing mindfulness that the craft can bring. This Crochet Rainbow Striped Blanket is a new and fun way to use the classic moss stitch.

This baby blanket pattern is one you’ll definitely make over and over again for baby showers, gifts, or even just a throw blanket around the house. Hmm, the blanket is naturally somewhat uneven on the sides due to the different stitch patterns but is usually fixed by both the border at the end and blocking. I love how you showed how to crochet each row step-by-step and even numbering the stitches.

This free crochet blanket pattern will allow you to make a lovely crocheted afghan. It’s not too tricky and it doesn’t take very long at all. Now that we have our materials and an idea of what size we want to make our blanket, this stripes generator will help us create a fun pattern of stripes! I allowed multiple stripe widths to create a fun, random pattern!

Some patterns use the word next to mean in the one after the first single crochet. Anyhow, when I do a single crochet, then the front post double crochet ends up on the second double crochet not the third like the pattern says. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Your striped afghan crochet pattern won’t have many tails to weave in as you did not fasten off at every color change.

I would even work out the entire length of this blanket and I could have it over me to watch the tv or crocheting and wear it to answer the front dooror make tea. I didn’t look at your exact measurements, but I can work it out. Could you please tell me how many chains I would need to make this into a king size bedspread? Can someone tell me if the 9 balls of yarn under materials means 9 balls of each color? Because there are actually 10 colors?

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