It’s also included in iOS 15, which is running on 72% of modern iPhones, according to Apple. By taking the moral high ground and saying that it is standing up for small businesses, the IDFA debate presents an opportunity for Facebook to rebuild goodwill, even if it’s with just a portion of the general public, one former Facebook employee said. Since then, Facebook has endured numerous scandals, it has alienated Democrats and Republicans and it has fought a never-ending battle against misinformation on its services. After the purchase is made, the retailer records the IDFA of the user who bought the jeans and shares it with Facebook, which can determine whether the IDFA matches with a user who saw an ad for the jeans.

At NRF 2022, the Metaverse was a hot topic with several companies like Nike and Ralph Lauren announcing plans to explore how to make money in this new virtual world that will become reality in the coming years. In July, when the plans for the pivot to the Metaverse were announced, Zuckerberg took time to explain where the potential revenue will come from, and we’ve already seen some of it come to fruition in the last 8 months. Some revenue will obviously come from the sale of hardware like the headsets needed to enter the Metaverse. Some revenue will come advertising, but majority of the revenue will come from the sale of virtual goods and possibly even virtual real estate.

Getty ImagesLast year, Apple announced significant changes to its privacy policy to give users greater control of their data, adding opaqueness and complexity for advertisers. What Apple calls IDFA was a bold move that was set to potentially disrupt advertisers that had depended on relatively easy to gain access to user data to help target advertisements. As Apple implemented these new policies there were many questions as to which advertisers would be most significantly impacted. If these past few weeks of earnings have shown us anything, it is that Facebook and its parent Meta, are perhaps the biggest loser in this transition—and the cost to Meta and its shareholders are already proving to be substantial. If you’re a small coffee shop in Austin, Texas, for example, you may not need too much data to target your ads, said Henry Love, a former employee on Facebook’s small business team. A business like that typically limits its targeting to fairly broad categories — for instance, an age range and a distance range from a specific zip code would let them target ads to Facebook users in their proximity.

Has been running an ad campaign in defense of personalized advertisements, arguing that targeted ads are key to the success of small businesses. Facebook announced $11bn in profit in the most recent quarter, boosted in part by a 22% leap in advertising revenue. But companies that rely on advertising that isn’t displayed through Facebook, such as online publishers, have foundered during the same period. One particular target of Facebook’s ire is Apple’s ability to enforce overarching rules as a condition for appearing on its App Store. Facebook has repeatedly taken aim at what it sees as the prescriptive and haphazardly applied rules governing the App Store ecosystem. The company’s upcoming lawsuit reportedly alleges that Apple plays favouritism with its own apps, thus harming developers and small businesses.

Cook and Zuckerberg were both grilled by the US Congress last summer as part of an antitrust investigation. In the subsequent Antitrust Subcommittee report, both companies were accused of anti-competitive practices – Apple for its App Store policies and Facebook for its stranglehold on the online advertising market. The statements made by Zuckerberg are very different than what Facebook has been doing since Apple announced the privacy changes at WWDC 2020. The company has been on the attack, first saying that the changes would kill small business and then pivoting to complaining about the impact on Facebook itself. Facebook meaningfully accelerated the rollout of e-commerce features across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger over the last nine months.

Meta claims that the hit from ATT is harming not just its revenue, but small businesses that rely on the company’s ad services to reach the appropriate customers. Shares of Facebook parent Meta were hammered Thursday, falling 26% after the company revealed that privacy changes Apple made to its iOS platform last year have begun to sink their teeth into the social networking giant’s bottom line. It took out adverts in national newspapers in December, featuring small businesses talking about how they only survived the pandemic thanks to targeted ads. The lawsuit would build on Zuckerberg’s claim about competition in messaging apps above, but it would also cover the IDFA change. The company’s move to introduce this feature has opened the floodgates to criticism from marketers and other tech companies and may have made the company somewhat more vulnerable to antitrust investigations. “We believe the impact of iOS overall is a headwind on our business in 2022,” Meta CFO Dave Wehner said on a call with analysts after the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report.

Beyond the festive season too, Apple’s iOS changes are harbingers to irreparable harm to Facebook’s ad business. Advertisers who rely on Facebook to sustain their businesses, particularly the festive season ahead, aren’t amused at all. Sandberg said the changes are diminishing the accuracy of Facebook’s ads, driving up prices based on an outcome like finance and thrift in visalia a sale or download. She also said that measuring whether those conversions occur is becoming more difficult. The next day, Apple CEO Tim Cook used Facebook’s app in a tweet as an example of how the feature works. A study from ad measurement firm AppsFlyer in October suggested that 62% of iPhone users were choosing to opt-out of sharing their IDFA.

Last year, technology giant Apple changed how iOS, its mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, handled users’ privacy preferences. It introduced a new privacy feature—App Tracking Transparency —which makes it harder for app-makers and advertisers to track user behaviour. The feature, first introduced in iOS 14.5, directly affected this business model. Facebook’s parent company Meta earlier this year said Apple’s new privacy feature will decrease the social media company’s sales in 2022 by about $10 billion. Companies including Snapchat and Twitter, which also depend on advertisements, acknowledged that the change will likely impact their business.

In a landmark speech in 2010, he made a careful distinction between Apple and “some of our colleagues in Silicon Valley”. Facebook argues that Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature will hurt small businesses but it stands to lose most. Photo by Thought Catalog on UnsplashFacebook has a market evaluation of over 930 billion dollars today.

Most digital advertising companies will face the same effect on their ability to measure advertising effectiveness on iOS. And Facebook’s size, reach, and existing user data may give it an advantage in taking share of the market in a post-iOS 14.5 world. Facebook has been making preparations, however, and has introduced additional commerce products like Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops across its various platforms. The offerings enable retailers to tap into Facebook’s backend tools and sell directly through the social network’s brands.

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