But since no reality show is complete without a little excitement, there will likely be some drama too. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Taylor O’Toole. He was found dead in his Staten Island home July 14, 2020. The season premiere of Families of the Mafia airs tonight, July 15, 2021, at 9 p.m. His family is looking for answers to how he died.

His family joins the cast of the MTV reality series as well as the family of William Cutolo. Also known as “Billy Fingers” or “Wild Bill,” Cutolo is a mobster who has ties to the Colombo crime family. While css grid column span we didn’t meet the new families in the season 2 premiere ofFamilies of the Mafia, we did get a preview of the infamous names joining the show. This season will feature the Nayfeld and Cutolo families.

Learn more about the two new families joining theFamilies of the Mafiacast in season 2, plus what the Gravano, O’Toole, and LaRocca families got into after season 1. MTV follows the family’s investigation as they question whether O’Toole really died by suicide. The family goes to a private investigator and questions how his cause of death was determined so quickly in the autopsy report. Always fun to be around and made everyone he met feel like they were family.

He is also survived by his kids Lyric Antonio, William, Michael, and Laila, his wife Renee O’Toole, and four grandchildren. Reality TV show star Billy O’Toole was found dead in his Staten Island Home at 7 a. Now, LaRocca is focused on her three kids, especially her oldest son Christian. In the season 2 premiere, LaRocca says she’s still working on rebuilding her relationship with him. In season 1 ofFamilies of the Mafia, Karen Gravano was focused on helping her father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, adjust to life outside of prison.

As Gravano explains in the episode, Williams has been in prison for 20 years on crack cocaine charges. “[He’s] someone who I have to help get his life back,” Gravano says to cameras. At the start of season 2, Karina is single and pursuing her dreams in New York. Meanwhile, Gravano has moved on to helping her boyfriend, Xavier Williams, get out of prison. Families of the Mafia paid tribute to O’Toole, with members of his family talking about how much they missed him.

‘Families of the Mafia’ pays tribute to Billy O’Toole in final episode. Other access conditions may also apply. Reason for copyright status Created/Published Date is Before 1955 You may order a copy through Copies Direct or use the online copy for research or study; for other uses Contact us. Exact details about Billy’s tragic passing remain undisclosed. According to his son, Joe, the tragedy struck unexpectedly — leaving his loving family members in a complete state of shock.

Taylor’s relationship with her father will likely be discussed throughout the season of Families of the Mafia. Taylor O’Toole isn’t a reality TV star yet, but might become one soon. As a cast member on MTV’s new show, Families of the Mafia, Taylor will give viewers insight into what it’s like to be part of a real mob family. There have been a few other shows that have depicted family members of mob bosses, but this one hopes to show how younger generations are trying to rewrite the family legacy.

In addition to his obsession with creating graffitis and roaming around with his motorcycle, he also worked as a New York State chaplain providing for veterans in need. He joined the charity after the death of his father, William, who served in the Korean War. Billy’s father was the much-dreaded mafia man William Sheehan. He got involved in organized crime at an early age, earning himself the nickname of “Wild Bill.” He only appeared in one episode of Families of the Mafia before his tragic passing.

Taylor suffered a tragic loss last year when her father passed away. It’s unclear what exactly happened, but she posted a photo on her Instagram account with a caption expressing how much she loved and missed her dad. A few weeks later she went to put flowers on his grave.

Everywhere he went was a party and he left you always wanting more. Billy also was a New York State chaplain volunteering many hours to veterans in need, in memory of his late father Willian Sheehan who was a Korean veteran. Things would of been so different right now.

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