Despite the islands being rural, many of the accommodations and establishments were built for tourists. Yet, you’re sure to have no complaints as you would see your money’s worth in this fantastic destination. Both destinations are great choices for your vacation in the South Pacific. You are guaranteed to experience exhilarating activities and see stunning sights.

When planning for vacation there are so many things that you usually have to consider from the budget, location, and what you expect from the trip. For many people going to the ranks of the pacific island is one of the must-do activities. When choosing a location, you should consider all the factors that include amenities, things to do, and cost among other aspects. If you are going to visit the south pacific islands, then Fiji and Tahiti should be ranking higher on your list. These islands enjoy some of the best features such as a tranquil environment, blue waters, and white sandy beaches. They also feature a tropical climate hence there are rainforests all of which add to the unique fauna and flora that you can find in this destination.

And pineapples, coconuts and bananas are all locally grown so they’re all wonderfully fresh. Like the Maldives and Bora Bora, Seychelles nightlife is laid-back. Some hotels have casinos and bars, but no major nightclubs or bars. Fiji’s vibrant nightlife is aided by various nightclubs, taverns, and bars. Also, the Balinese are friendly people that love to help tourists.

Due to the sheer number of islands in Fiji as compared to Bora Bora, you can take your pick from smaller, more private islands, to all-out glamorous resorts. Fiji and Bora Bora are both dream island destinations in the South Pacific. But there are also plenty of differences that need to be considered before making your choice between the two. It is one of the most expensive honeymoon destinations in the world,so couples need to be prepared financially and realize that the cost of everything is about double that of back home. It might be perfect if your heart is set on honeymooning in a luxury overwater bungalow, and crave brilliant turquoise ocean water perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Fiji is an alluring country in Oceania which comprises 300 islands.

This country is made up of 118 islands and it is known for its amazing coastline as well as the gateway to islands such as Bora bora and Moorea. It is a perfect location to hop into if you want to explore other parts of the pacific. Thousands of visitors go to Bora Bora to enjoy the radiant turquoise lagoon that makes it the beauty queen of the South Pacific. However, Fiji is also an island destination offering more things than a turquoise lagoon. This beautiful island has high mountains, rainforests, and hills, the most beautiful things to explore.

In turn, the Maldives and Bora Bora emphasize romance and elegance. As a result, the Maldives and Bora Bora have a more relaxed nightlife. The Maldives and Bora Bora have quiet nightlife, and most couples choose to stay in rather than go out. The Maldives has adopted a policy of ‘one island, one resort.’ That is why the majority of the Maldives’ beaches and islands are privately owned.

This region is filled to the brim with gorgeous destinations of pristine beaches and lush forests. Among these astounding tropical paradises, two of which stand out. These are the island group of Bora Bora and the Republic of Fiji. When you opt to explore the islands of Fiji and Tahiti, then it is important to understand what to expect in terms of food and drink.

This volcanic island nation is full of mountains, hills and rainforests that are begging to be explored. For one of our favorite beaches though, head to Matira Beach for white sands surrounded by greenery. Bora Bora specializes in upmarket resort holidays, and has become an exceptionally trendy destination in recent years.

With a stunning location on the sand beach of Bora Bora, this resort has it all. Perfect white sands, breathtaking views of the island and the ocean, and delicious cuisine at every meal. I started this website as a way to share my passion for travel with others, particularly those looking to explore ocean-neighboring destinations. I am an avid traveler for over how do you say hello in ghana a decade now and have visited over 25 countries so far. Bora Bora, Fiji, and Tahiti- intrepid tourists can visit all three travel destinations, but they all are pretty different in terms of nature, accommodations, culture, facilities, etc. Therefore, making a proper decision among the three heaven-like islands will help you to taste the trip very finely.

The locals on this island still ceremoniously walk across hot coals, making Beqa a must visit for culture aficionados. If you want to immerse yourself in the private sanctuary of Turtle Island, then contact us today to book your Fiji vacation. With more than 300 islands to explore, all with easy access between them, Fiji is the perfect place to start your island-hopping adventure. You can charter a prop plane, take a boat or a helicopter to check out some of the other islands. Bora Bora is influenced by French traditions, and being such a small island, it invites a quiet island life.

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