Loved the character interaction which generated a wide range of emotions and really liked that the rest of the Mane 6 cared for Fluttershy and understood her personal space . The episode title refers to the notorious 1980s R & B vocal duo, Milli Vanilli, that was exposed as two dancer/models who were fraudulently lip-syncing to other musicians’ singing on their singles. After Fluttershy’s first performance on stage in front of the rest of the Mane Six and her critter friends, Twilight asks her how she feels. Applejack confronts Big Mac about this deception and easily figures out the chain of events that led to it.

Rarity and Big McIntosh notice Fluttershy’s disappointment and agree to let her sing for him one last time. However, during the song, Fluttershy gets carried away and knocks the curtain down, exposing herself to the audience. Though the ponies cheer for her, Fluttershy’s stage fright gets the better of her and she bolts out crying.

After the Ponytones’ bass singer loses his voice, Fluttershy is determined to have the show go on. The whole plot feels like one to one of the episodes for The Andy Griffith Show, in which the Mayberry choir discover through observation that Gomer Pyle, of all people, could sing extremely well. Fluttershy’s first song, about music being everywhere, is brought as a verse story names ideas into “Find the Music In You” for the quintet’s song, with her lyrics having even a more poignant meaning with the above chorus. Fluttershy will express her love of singing in front of others eventually, but will take it slow for now. Fluttershy’s final performance as Big McIntosh’s’s replacement; she gets too heated up and reveals herself to the audience by mistake.

They sing a short version of Find the Music in You, with Fluttershy watching in awe. Rarity dismisses the other singers to rest their voices for the day, and Fluttershy thanks Rarity for her efforts. Before a highly-publicized show in Sugar Cube Corner, Rarity reveals that Big Mac’s voice is all better, and that Fluttershy can stop filling in for him. This disappoints Fluttershy, so they agree to let Fluttershy sing for him one last time. During the performance, Fluttershy gets so into the music that she goes completely off-sync and dislodges the curtain she is hiding behind, revealing her to the audience. The ponies are startled but quickly burst into applause; terrified and humiliated, Fluttershy runs away in tears.

The music is characterful and infectious, the songs could have been repetitive as there is a melodic saminess but the way they’re staged and the variety of emotions conveyed in the music makes that not happen. The moral is relevant and will resonate with all performers or anybody who’s been in the same or similar situation. The story is always entertaining with a big emotional punch that doesn’t get too heavy, the whole love of performing, the mental fear and anticipation that comes with it resonated hugely with me as those are/were my main feelings on a daily basis. The Ponytones (now as a five-member band) perform another show just for their pony and animal friends. But Fluttershy still refuses to commit to a real performance, saying that she hasn’t quite conquered her stage fright.

Fluttershy singing from behind the curtain is quite reminiscent of the climax of Singin’ in the Rain. At the fundraiser, Gummy can be seen fruitlessly trying to swallow a turkey whole. The Ship Tease with Cheerilee swooning over Big Mac’s singing brings “Hearts and Hooves Day” to mind. After the first couple of performances of the Ponytones with Flutterguy, Rarity realized Fluttershy’s protests of “We wouldn’t want to disappoint x” were due to Fluttershy enjoying performing. It became a matter not of fulfilling obligations, but of Rarity being generous and indulging her friend.

Meghan McCarthyShoichet , Oliver , Evans , McKillip -Although grateful, Twilight feels she has yet to find her true purpose as a princess of Equestria. The three other princesses reassure her that she will find her role.17″Let the Rainbow Remind You””Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 2″Shoichet , Libman Ball , Chan-Kent , Evans After Twilight has found her role as the Princess of Friendship and is given a new castle, the Mane Six sing about their unity and the magic of friendship.1In case of several characters providing lead vocals, the performers are listed in the order in which their characters start singing. Fluttershy is greeting the morning and her animal friends in song when the unexpected applause of the Mane Five snaps her back to self-consciousness. Despite their lavish praise, Fluttershy is clearly uncomfortable to have an audience, and she gently but firmly refuses Rarity’s offer to join the Ponytones, an a cappella quartet who will be performing at a fundraiser for Fluttershy’s Ponyville Pet Center the next day.

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