One team member even took a vacation during the customer’s time working with Flyhomes, but another team member stepped in and the process continued seamlessly. Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat is the five-part BRRRR real estate investing strategy that makes financial freedom more attainable than ever. In this book, author and investor David Greene shares the exact systems he used to scale his real estate business from buying two houses per year to buying two houses per month using BRRRR. Before launching the guarantee, however, it has brokered more than $150 million in home purchases in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

When you’re buying and selling a home at the same time, Flyhomes can buy your new house upfront with an all-cash offer, then list your old house after you move. When your old house sells, you’ll buy your new house back from Flyhomes. making the cut gary autistic This is the same cost as Homeward, which also offers a credit if you use its in-house mortgage service, canceling out its standard 1.9% fee. Cash offers often win bids because they make things so easy for the seller.

The biggest variable in this scenario is the $100–$200 daily rental fee of living in the new home. If the old home sells in less than 30 days, the customer pays less. Conversely, if it takes more than 30 days, the customer pays even more.

Flyhomes says that many of its customers end up paying 3% under the asking price. Even though their offers are lower, Flyhomes clients win the bid because they’re making a cash offer, according to the company. Flyhomes is a trade up brokerage that guarantees the sale on a buyer’s current home so they can buy a new one. Flyhomes also offers standard buy and sell brokerage services.

The buyer can move into the new home while Flyhomes will then try to sell the buyer’s existing home. If Flyhomes does not sell the home, it will buy the home at a pre-agreed price. Buyers and sellers can also independently work with Flyhomes to buy or sell their home. In those cases, Flyhomes provides the buyer or seller with an agent team who helps them with every stage of the process for buying and selling. Flyhomes is an end-to-end real estate brokerage and technology company that empowers home buyers, sellers, and agents to win.

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