Most stags are never interested in getting with other women, all they want is their spouse especially after she has been with someone else. Even though the idea of sharing your wife seems so far fetched for most men, men how to reclaim a facebook business page who agree to it are becoming more and more common. There has been a recent surge in the number of people who have taken up stag and vixen practices and the numbers don’t look like they will be going down any time soon.

J and S blossomed from friends, to lovers, to married partners all while remaining open and honest with one another about their sexual fantasies. S and J share that hotwifing has increased their sexual passion for one another and express how lucky they both feel to be adventuring through the lifestyle with one another. Ironically, couples who practice stag and vixen fantasies consider themselves monogamous, they have set boundaries and guiding rules and anything outside of these boundaries is considered cheating. It is unacceptable for one partner to hook up with someone without the permission and approval of his/her spouse.

She details her journey from dating and marrying her high school sweetheart to becoming a full fledged hotwife. Hers is a story of self discovery and highlights the benefits of this lifestyle beyond sexual gratification. A cuckold relationship usually comprises 3 different dynamics, 2 of which are discussed a lot, the wife and her husband and the wife and her Bull.

Women become younger looking Vixens and Men become more dynamic Stags. We are not asking to have our choices to be validated in the book – we made our own free choice. It is our intention to have a website to support this book – with mediators and counsellors on an open forum for people to express their views and questions on this subject. There will also be a validated STAG & VIXEN personals to assist others in moving relationships forward. Most people are very uptight about sex, so they won’t enjoy hearing about this.

Sophia and Rod are in a Stag Vixen relationship and they both called in to talk all about it. Sophia called in first and the you hear from Rod right after,. Well, in cuckolding, the person watching is being humiliated. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive or better endowed man who is having sex with the partner.

Stags and vixens often only have sex this way in pre-arranged situations, having negotiated their boundaries and when they are both present. Sometimes verbal humiliation will be a part of the scene, with the partner expressing how much better her lover is than her cuck, how much bigger his penis is and how inadequate he is by comparison. In the past we’ve told you all about the predilection for being humiliated by watching your partner having sex with someone else. The feelings overall provide a massive confidence boost and a real kick up the backside to any marriage in the doldrums. Totally NOT what you think it is – this is all about – enjoying sex-charged daily living, using the bodies natural chemical charges and reusing them time and time again.

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