From a pure money making perspective, oak resin from tapping an oak tree is required to make kegs which are probably the best money making equipment in the game. You’ll need foraging level 7 to get access to wild tree fertilizer. If you run out of fiber or stone, buy stone from Robin and trade it for fiber from the desert trader on Tuesdays. Yeah, fruit trees aren’t great outside of the greenhouse or ginger island.

Stardew Valley is one of those games where you can sit back, relax and play it for hours. Developed by Eric Barone, it’s a simulation role-playing game released in 2016. There are tons of things to do in the game, but today we will talk about the Stardew Valley fruit trees. On top of that, later in the game players can purchase the Community Upgrade at the Carpenter’s Shop which not only costs half a million gold but also 950 Wood. Right at the start of the game, if you choose to complete the Community Center, you’ll need to collect two stacks of 99 Wood.

Tapper trees only require one free space on all sides, but things like weeds and fallen seeds will interfere with their growth so you do need to check for that. Apricots begin at 50g; one-star fruit sells for 62g within a year of maturity, while three-star fruit sells for 100g within a year. Cherries begin at 80g, two-stars provide 120g, and three-stars require 100g. The Standard Version is 6,000g; the Traveling Cart is 7,500g. Pierre’s General Store charges 6,000g for a single tree, 175g for a two-star tree, 210g for a three-star tree, and 280g for a single tree. A single tree costs 140g, a two-star costs 210g, and a three- A Traveling Cart can cost between $4,500 and $7,500 USD.

You will get to harvest fruits every day during spring and sell a piece of fruit for 100 g. You can buy apricot sapling in Pierre’s general store for 2000 g. What better way to look at your possible fruit temptations cafe trees than with a quick breakdown! We’ll go by each season to give you a better window on when to plant and harvest. It is here where you can determine which fruit tree is the best for your farm.

Fruit trees in Stardew Valley are a great way to earn passive income. How many of each type of tree you want tapped is completely up to what YOU need. Simply delete the prior version, install the new one and check the updated config created after the first startup .

Planting around a greenhouse will give you fruit all year round, which can become quite profitable after the initial investment. It can be very difficult to get these fruits through other means, like treasures in the Skull Caverns or via the Travelling Merchant. Fruits are required for a community centre bundle.

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