It’s unclear whether the current administration under Mayor Eric Adams will try to bring the Carter case numbers down. At a later City Council hearing, Department of Education staffers attempted to walk that accusation back, pinning the blame instead on attorneys and consultants who’ve turned filing Carter cases into a business model. In response, parents and City Council members argued that families wouldn’t need to resort to private schools if the city weren’t so abjectly failing students with disabilities.

R174 – Thanks for the link – I listened to this podcast/interview – very informative and entertaining. Tim is very articulate and dished a lot on PR tresa todd reviews and his life in general. The PR & MTC shows are but a tidbit of TIm as a person and it’s worth a listen to those who want to know more about him.

He wants to commission a study using the state’s Medicaid database looking at children who received thimerosal-containing vaccines and at how many became autistic. He also wants parents of autistic children to be exempt from height restrictions on yard fences, to keep children from running away. Kompothecras wired the backyard fence at his own house to sound an alarm when his son tried to cross it.

Resort wear is kind of a stupid category, IMO. You could, literally, put a caftan down the runway. No skits in the fashion bubble – Thank you Covid! 🙏🏻 Last season made me hate Heidi – she seemed high or manic in every fucking skit.

I just finished the series and I worked for decades in the high end fashion industry in NYC. There is NO WAY Gary wouldn’t have won if this show was based in NYC. The taste level in Hollywood is all Vegas, flashy and appalling. I’m quite sure Tim Gunn was slowly dying inside when the winner was announced.

“We talk on the phone often,” Crist said. When he was growing up on Long Island, Kompothecras’ bed was an old couch at his grandparents house. He put himself through the University of South Florida, “dated all the women in the class,” and became a stockbroker in Sarasota, with a BMW, by age 23. Dr. Gary’s BlackBerry buzzes with calls from people who can make it happen.

I think Gary was innnovative and his clothes are beautiful. Unfortunately, you could see he lost Heidi with that “Little House on the Prairie” statement. He needs to learn how to read an audience and “play the game”. I hope someone comes along and backs him. Gary has such a good heart and his soul is in his designs.

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