The videos, which are normally uploaded on Tuesdays, were originally only found on Screen Rant’s YouTube channel, but later got their own channel. The Screen Rant Pitch Meetings (originally titled Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience – Screen Rant Pitch Meetings) are a series of comedic web videos by Screen Rant. “X is/are tight!,” where X is some actor, trend, or other thing the Producer is really into.

The Producer says, “Getting it out later when you’re gone is tight.” In the The Rings of Power pitch meeting, the Harfoots find a “tall magical man” with a beard and a robe. The Producer immediately guesses that the man is Gandalf. In the Batman Forever pitch meeting, Batman, despite being the world’s greatest detective, doesn’t figure out that the employee who’s obsessed with him and was fond of riddles before going insane is actually The Riddler.

And it does help to know a lot of pop culture, which, thanks to my laziness and easy access to Netflix and the like, has never been a problem. For all of our jobs, you’ll be writing on behalf of businesses, which means you’ll be writing for their audience and from their perspective. This is professional writing, and we expect your content to be error-free, polished, and appropriate to the customer’s voice and tone.

The Screenwriter tells him that they couldn’t have done it because they hadn’t been introduced into the MCU at that time. Outright defied in the pitch for John Wick where the Producer Guy tries to order common studio mandates only to be shot down by the Screenwriter Guy. He outright says that he’s having a hard time ruining the movie because of this. While he’s often prone to find ways to milk money out of a work , he rarely causes much change to whatever the Screenwriter’s pitch is. His attempts to point out flaws in the premise tend to be ignored or simply justified over by the Screenwriter and as the Producer is both an Extreme Doormat and has a very poor attention span, he’ll rapidly just move on.

Edit and publish a minimum of 10 gaming articles daily on the gaming news team. Participate in writer development and general writer management. Oversee and facilitate writer communication in Slack/Asana. None of the above pros matter in the face of the cons. You can learn about whatever you want in your own time. Slack and Asana aren’t complicated, and you can teach WordPress to yourself.

Needs relevant experience in writing and editing and broad knowledge of reality TV programming. Edit/write 10 article daily, lead by example, write own news as needed or wanted and stay up to date on the latest news. Research popular topics in gaming to write 20 news articles monthly. Relevant experience in writing and editing plus a broad knowledge of gaming history and culture are required.


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Working with the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor to advance the overall mission of XDA. Are you an experienced editor with a passion for everything mobile? XDA is looking for a Mobile Section Editor (Full-Time). If an article pops up on my google saying something like “animal crossing player discovers thing everyone knew on day one”, I know, without having to even look, that it’s a screenrant article.

It’s like someone paid the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons to write badly written hateful articles on everything. Expect to read gems like “DC MOVIES ARE BAD BECUZ THEY’RE DARK – DERP” and “FANS HAVE FORGIVEN GEORGE LUCAS”. Every article is biased as all hell with no actual point to them. Each article is littered with grammatical errors, clearly showing that they don’t have any competent editors on staff. Overall it is just low quality fake news meant for people who are too dumb to notice that the articles are written by a bunch of people who clearly never finished 9th grade English.

“I’m gonna need you to get all the way off my back”, said by the Screenwriter in response to the Producer pointing out something particularly odd about a pitch. Sometimes answered by the Producer saying “Alright, let me get off of that thing.” We also do a bit of video content in form of podcasts and hardware reviews. Be sure to scroll down and read what our authors and former writers have to say about us and how we helped them in their careers.

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