This process is required to ensure demo’s play consistently on all devices. The buyer should be aware that demo’s can be ‘sonically’ different to the MIDI file. Hit Trax uses MP3 demo’s instead of MIDI demo’s as a MIDI file relies on the quality, limitations and sound patches reproduced by the MIDI device playing back the MIDI file. Software players such as winamp, vanbasco and similar software that uses the MIDI capabilities of a simple computer sound chip can never reproduce good quality playback capable from dedicated MIDI File players.

The BUYER should carefully check all items in the cart and determine the correct format , musical instruments and accessories. Incorrect and unwanted selections can be corrected by unchecking the box of the relevant item. It is the responsibility of the BUYER to check the CART before proceeding to checkout and making payment. Except for ‘exceptions and remedies’ shown below, Hit Trax will not issue a refund if the MIDI Files or MP3 backing tracks have been downloaded. Our download system records each download for every order. It is entirely the buyers onus to ensure their devices are equipped to play ‘General MIDI’ level 1 for MIDI Files and MP3 format if downloading MP3 backing tracks.

Pitching machines are speed/height adjustable and can be used for softball, slow-pitch and baseball; please specify which sport you would like the cage to be set up for when you arrive. There is no limit to the number of balls that can be hit, cages are simply rented for a time period. Please allow five minutes before your timeslot ends to collect all the balls to leave the cage tidy for the next group. Pitching machines are speed/height adjustable and can be used for softball, slow-pitch and baseball; please specify which sport you would like the cage to be set up for when you book your appointment.

Loved having the cage to ourselves and feeding the ball machine to each other. Save time by downloading and signing our Waiver of Liability and Release before showing up at our facility. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The links in this area will let you leave Hit Trax’s site.

An individual set costs around $200 and they are absolutely worth it. However, while saving up the funds to get your set, another option would be to find some old basketball or soccer balls and let out just a little bit of air. These can then be soft-tossed to hitters to give a somewhat similar feel of staying strong and through the ball at contact.

Utilizing cutting edge multi-camera and radar tracking technology, PRO 3.0 captures accurate and precise ball-flight data from both the mound and plate. Being just one compact device, the PRO 3.0 offers portability and versatility to be used indoors, outdoors, in batting cages, during on-field practice and more. The device includes increased hitting metrics that share the ball’s contact point, strike zone information , and spin rates. New pitching metrics include insight into release extension, plate velocity and plate spin .

Instrumentation is recorded using sampled instruments and/or high quality MIDI sound sources. Select this format to play backing tracks on any mp3 player, IOS/Android device, iTunes, windows media player and similar programs, and any device dedicated to playing a standard audio file. Accredited educational institutions, such as universities, kutztown dorms private and public colleges, and state community colleges, may download and reproduce the Documents for distribution in the classroom. Distribution outside the classroom requires express written permission. Use for any other purpose is expressly prohibited by law, and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

Hellas installed a Matrix Helix® synthetic turf system, with Ecotherm® infill, and Cushdrain® shock pad… Crandon, Wis.-based Infinity Wood Floors will now produce Aacer Flooring’s sports flooring systems out of its Crandon wood flooring mill. If your team, friends or family want to book weekly rentals, discounted pricing is available. Discounts range from 10-20% off depending on the number of sessions you book.

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