We’re interested in informative and well-written articles that inspire our growing community of health and wellness readers. Finally, we actually value each and every one of the writers that we work with! We really love to read all of your new perspectives, ideas and takes on the different topics in the health niche. Providing you with updates and latest news regarding health, beauty, diet & nutrition, fitness, life, and weight loss. Wellness Fit will serve as your guide, trainer, and a friend in every stages and goal that you want to achieve not just physically but also mentally. Here at WellnessFit, we always believe that it’s better to share your ideas!


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Before submitting, make adjustments to articles (including, but not limited to, spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure to improve readability). Vox’s Health and Science section encompasses all aspects of health, from infectious disease to mental health. This national magazine runs more than 60 local versions. Its focus is on all things related to natural living, from fitness to personal growth.

Posts MUST be of interest to writers and/or other creative artists. We need posts that specifically address those health issues of interest to writers and other creative artists. There are several methods for determining if a website is appropriate for guest blogging. A portion of our internal procedure for evaluating guest post offers is being shared. We’ll take the time to meticulously review your message.

We’re looking to publish topics between 1000–3,000 words. Each story must align with one or more of our website themes. Our themes include accelerated learning, dental care, health, child health, fitness, yoga, and how to be healthy at all time.

You may include a link to your guest post and a short sentence or two explaining what the article is about. If you send an inappropriate query or email that clearly shows you have not read these guidelines, you will not receive a response. We simply do not have time to respond to writers who don’t bother to carefully review what we do.

Our topics seek to explore, educative and spark conversation around rapidly emerging health technologies and issues. We encourage and appreciate you linking back to your post in your future articles – so please write something worth linking to. The tone and content of the article may be casual or structured but must sound human.

Carve out some time to exercise every day or make a plan to improve your diet, and you’ll get results. Pitching and landing freelance writing jobs works the same way. We would be thrilled to have your voice be a part of Dash of Wellness! We are always looking for new writers to join our growing health hub that want to contribute frequently or as a guest writer.

At Healthystic, we welcome guest posts from experts and voices to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom on subjects based on Health and Wellness. We are certain that your content collaboration would do quite well among our readers and circle of influences. Thank you for reaching out to us and showing interest to publish content on The Wellness Corner. We are a leading health and wellness platform with 400,000+ monthly visitors.

We will not accept articles that have been published elsewhere. Dentistry, midwifery, nursing, medicine, optometry, audiology, pharmacy, psychology, and other health professions are all part of healthcare. It includes work done in providing primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care, as well as in public health. All submissions should have a featured image above or below the title. Our favorite stock photo site is Twenty20, splash, inflation, pixabay, the stocks.im, search.creativecommons.org, and Flickr. Share this information with your friends who are good writers.

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