You’ll need a rat tail comb, edge control, shine n jam, a crotchet needle and 7 to 8 packs of the freetress water wave hair. With your hair care routine done, have fun playing around with your look by styling your butterfly locs hair in new, elaborate updos and lengths. One style on the cusp of creativity and popularity is butterfly locs, which have been all over our Instagram feeds lately. The look is where the traditional loc meets a distressed texture that makes the style look more lived-in. According to Princess Kanu, a self-taught hairstylist, the style has been in high demand among her Maryland clients due to its lightweight nature and effortless look. Courtney also recommends spraying oil or a refresher spray every other day to maintain hydration of your natural hair as synthetic hair tends to draw out moisture.

The amount of hair will vary based on the length and size of the locs. Ally is a professional hairstylist with more than 6 years of experience, but hair has been her passion since early childhood. Here, at Hair Spies, she blogs about all things hairdressing, hair tools, and everyday hair care. I always love working with ToyoTress Butterfly Locs Crochet Hair. It is easy to work with and the results are always beautiful.

This leaves it unexposed to breakage caused by the environment. You can see that while butterfly locs or braids have things in common with other protective hairstyles, it’s the curly-textured loops in the style that really set it apart. Most people use water wave hair to achieve this hairstyle. I would recommend 22” Freetress Water Wave hair for long butterfly locs.

Use excellent oil or creams to keep the hair moisturized all the time. Un-ruly was created to celebrate and inspire the versatility and beauty of Black hair and women. Read the quick guide we created with industry experts on installing, caring for and taking down protective guide. You may need to re-wrap a few locs here and there, and use some edge control on new growth. Keep oil on hand to massage your scalp and make sure it’s clean and moisturized.

To seal butterfly locs, you can create a small loop with your finger to create a knot at the end. You can also wrap the excess hair up and down 4c hair permed the loc to secure it more tightly. Actually, butterfly locs can be smoother or messier depending on the way the hair extensions are installed.

“If you must wash your hair, be careful to not leave any moisture behind and blow dry very well. Moisture can get trapped in the locs and lead to bacteria growth,” she explains. Repeat the same method all over until you’re satisfied with the length and look of your butterfly locs. Hold the root of your hair and get it to sleek down properly with shine ‘n’ jam. After which, you section your natural hair and braid it into small-medium size.

If you want locs that are longer than your natural hair, you can also use marley braiding hair to get extra thickness and length before you start the loc process. Like many Black women, I grew up wearing protective styles to give my natural or processed hair a break. When I was young, I was devoted to braids — cornrows and box braids in particular. As an adult, I’m now experimenting with other hairstyles to give my strands a much-needed time out. Low-tension styles are of top priority (my sensitive scalp won’t accept anything else), which is what recently led me to butterfly locs. The most common DIY way, on the other hand, is by wrapping synthetic hair around natural hair strands.

Not only are these faux locs beautiful and unique, they’re also a great way to protect your natural hair from damage and are easy to style, even for beginners. Once your synthetic water wave hair is prepped and fluffed out a bit, use your crochet needle to push 2 pieces of hair through your braid at the base. Put both pieces in the crochet needle hook, close the hook, and pull the hair about a quarter of the way through the braid. The results are lightweight, fluffy, undone locs that mimic natural texture.

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