Teach the hitter to track the ball from release point to impact zone. Increase the hitter’s mental concentration by hitting a small ball… JUGS SMALL-BALLS—6 red-seamed balls and 2 white-seam balls for various drills.

Some batters may be working on just making contact while others are working on reaction speed or swinging at only good pitches. I vary the level of drills with the hit stick to the hitter’s individual skill level. Extend the hit stick in front of the batter so that the knob of the hitting stick is thigh-high to the batter and directly above the center of home plate. No danger of a rogue ball flying off the bat and injuring the parent or coach – just close-up, detailed training information. Desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy SKLZ Hitting Stick Batting Swing Trainer For Baseball And Softball from renowned brand.

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If they can loosen up with the hit stick the nerves are much better and the positive feedback of hitting the center of the ball gives them the “feel” of a good swing. I have been using this “warm up drill” for over a year with the same team and noticed results in the first game I tried it! I can’t tell you how important it is to give a hitter the chance to “hit 20 balls” just before they get up to bat in a game where they are very nervous. If your warranty has expired or void due to the exclusions outlined above, please instead contact our helpful customer service team who are on hand to supply replacement parts at a fair price. Do not leave products outdoors after use / for a prolonged period of time, doing so will void your warranty. This excludes products which are clearly marketed as “All-Weather” (such as Q-Fold Soccer Goals) and are designed to be left assembled outdoors.

The person holding the hit stick should allow their arm to swing freely as the batter contacts the hitting stick. The swing trainer is a great tool for practicing multiple strike zones and pitches. The HITSTIK includes a wrist strap for more control and is double sided for use in Baseball or Softball. We provide sales tax exemption purchases for institutional organizations, e.g. colleges, US Government, charities only. I have found that soo much of a younger player’s hitting success comes from not being nervous and muscle memory.

You have to let your players know that there is a warm-up station just before the “on deck” station. This means that the person third in line to hit should be warming up weatherhead federal credit union at the hit stick. (At the beginning of the innings you can “warm up” the first and second hitters with the hit stick while the other team is getting ready in the field).

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