“We’ve found something here with HitTrax that has completely changed the way we evaluate our players,” continued Aioki. “It was different but it was pretty fun to see how it all happened, how fast the ball came off the bat and stuff like that,” Kiernan said. “It was real fun going against other competition, especially kids that you go to school with. It’s pretty nice that you just go into the cage and actually play, like, a real game. “Advancing our proprietary tracking algorithms and incorporating the latest in camera technology has allowed us to produce a smaller, more scalable system,” says Founder, Mike Donfrancesco. HitTrax Video Capture and Analysis Module is an add-on to the standard HitTrax system that delivers powerful video capture capabilities synchronized with HitTrax measured metrics.

Statistics have always been part of the foundation of baseball. From the time the first player stepped into the batters box, players and fans alike have been tracking performance using traditional statistics such as batting average , runs batted in and earned run average . More recently, the introduction of sabermetrics has redefined how a player is valued, with on-base plus slugging and wins above replacement becoming key metrics used for constructing a team. While the optimal spray chart would have an even balance between balls hit to the left side of the field, center, and right, this is generally not the case, even with Major League ballplayers.

That’s the amount of time that the ball is in an area where a batter can make contact. That means you can fail 70% of the time and you’re still one of the best and that’s why hitting a baseball is arguably the hardest thing in sport. Aside from being a well-balanced batting and pitching simulator, HitTrax also promotes fun for every baseball enthusiast. The system comes with simulated games, including home run derbies and full 9-inning games. We know very little about softball, but we learned very quickly that softball is HUGE in Spokane.

HitTrax is the first-of-its-kind training aid that delivers real-time performance metrics that are used to assess a player’s skills and monitor their progress over time. A great focus piece by WVEC 13 on how Virginia Baseball Academy is succeeding with HitTrax. VBA owner and former major leaguer Wayne Gomes is featured discussing the value of HitTrax immediate training feedback and in-depth performance metrics.

Peak EV is the hardest hit ball that the athlete attains in a practice. This is a good barometer of raw power and capacity to hit the ball hard without regard to the ball’s direction. Principally, it is a gauge on a player’s potential at any given time. The average fastball comes at you well over 90 miles per hour, and it’s thrown from less than 60 feet away. That gives the batter about 150 milliseconds to decide whether to swing. On top of that, the ball is only in the hitting zone for less than 10 milliseconds.

— what today is the baseball simulator HitTrax — but had to wait more than a decade before computer technology was sufficiently advanced to make this a reality. Baseball & Softball training facilities and retail products to Baseball & Softball players of all skill levels. Our retail store is fully stocked for your convenience and our extensive bryce harper swingaway range ensures there is a solution for anyone. Along with partner Tuckahoe Sports, HitTrax is featured in a WRIC8 sports segment highlighting how instant performance feedback is enhancing training and player engagement. “It’s a new machine where you can hit at any stadium and it reads the velocity off the bat and the launch angle,” Kelly said.

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