The steam opens up the hair cuticles and allows the moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. Modernity made it possible for relaxed hair to be dyed, but that is only for experienced and skilled professionals to handle. Usually, they stick to colors darker than your hair shade or a little higher than your natural hair color, to avoid using high volumes of bleach on your hair. They would also schedule the two processes far away from each other, so you would have to wait a month or more before dyeing your relaxed hair to prevent your hair from burning off .

Your hair goes through a lot with a perm or a relaxer—the internal protein structure of your hair is broken down to make it more reactive. Coloring your hair right after this type of treatment can easily over process, over lighten, or make your hair more susceptible to damage. We recommend waiting two weeks between your chemical treatment and coloring your hair. If you have concerns or questions about how fragile your hair may be, pleasecontact the Color Crew. Relaxers and lightener are two chemical services that can severely damage the hair and scalp if not applied correctly, so it’s no wonder that mixing the two isn’t usually encouraged. Look for deep conditioners for chemically treated or relaxed hair with ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera juice, and honey.

I love the clip in color and haven’t had the chance to try the hair chalk. For some reason they sell out quick where I live but looking forward to having some temp highlights for next year. I have never dyed my hair before but I have used hair mascara. It is literally mascara what type of hair do i need for butterfly locs for your hair you can get highlights or crazy funky colors. The only cons with semi-permanent dyes is that they’re not permanent and the color achieved is not vibrant. When you are ready to touch up your favorite hair color, you would have to re-color your whole head again.

If it forms clumps, then you can leave out applying your creams before and just go straight in with the hair makeup. Bleaching relaxed hair can be achieved but it is not advised because of how damaging it is. Instead of weakening the strength of your hair, you can replace hair dye with temporary hair makeup to add color to your relaxed hair. For starters, Black hair naturally hair tends to be dry and fragile. “This means that if you want to color textured hair, you need to take it slow, especially if you are going up levels .” So, where to start?

“I don’t think you should every blow dry your hair without putting product in it,” Rita says. During my four-hour session, my chemically straightened strands were absorbing color like crazy. Had I been on my own (assuming I hadn’t passed out from bleach fumes), I have no doubt that I would have taken it too far with the bleach.

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