When bangs are almost dry, use a large metal brush, which acts as a curling tool, and pull bangs forward in a circular motion for volume. Suitable for clients of all ages and most hair types, the bob is always in demand. A perfect blow-dry will show off your cutting skills to perfection, enhancing shape, colour and shine. If you wash your hair every day, put some large curlers in your damp hair, and blow dry it this way. After, take the curlers off, and brush your hair out.

Just look for a product that says it is specifically designed for curls, and apply that. Be sure to hold your fingers away from the curling wand when holding the ends of the hair so that you do not burn your fingers. This might work better and add more volume to your hair if you flip your head upside-down to scrunch. Spritz your hair with the texturizing spray.

Alternatively, you can hang your head upside down and shake your hair out for a more tousled version of the classic blowout hair style. Once you complete a section and while the hair is still wrapped around the brush, turn your heat setting down for a cool blast of air. This will help your hair hold its shape.

The best way to dry and blow dry bob hair is with a blow dryer. Apply a serum or a heat protectant spray to prevent damage and dryness while using high heat in the blow drying process. hairitage ahead of the curl curl creme reviews Start in the front and work your way back, brushing your hair from root to tip with each section until the section is dry. For added volume, lift your hair up while blow drying.

Typically, stylists like using a round brush to create a voluminous, bouncy style. Then, you have to decide on the material of the bristles. Vaccaro advises his clients with straight hair to use ceramic brushes because they retain heat to offer more volume.

The hair ends should be softly turned under. You can easily achieve this by using a round brush. Apply heat protectant spray to your hair before partitioning the top hair into strands of equal size.

Set your dryer to low or medium heat and medium speed. First apply a creamy leave-in conditioner, like Biolage Curl Defining Elixir ($14, biolage.com), to keep moisture in strands as you dry them. Your store hasn’t published any blog posts yet. A blog can be used to talk about new product launches, tips, or other news you want to share with your customers. You can check out Shopify’s ecommerce blog for inspiration and advice for your own store and blog.

This helps boost hair shine and seal the cuticles to retain moisture. It can be frustrating to put all the time and effort into blow drying your gorgeous locks, only to end up with a frizzy, tangled mess. Fortunately, there are several common mistakes that can easily be avoided. To create a glossy finish simply add some oil to your fingertips and pull your hair into place.

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