Just add enough texture to the top and you’re done. Here’s a rather conservative take on the modern blowout haircut. A low temp fade creates a smooth transition from the voluminous top to the luxuriant facial hair while a line-up and a side part add dimension and neatness to the look. Dry your hair gently with a towel and then let it air dry until it is about 65% dry, then you are ready to get out your blow dryer. Using a paddle brush, which is always the best hair brush for blow drying hair, brush from the roots underneath each section and pull all of hair through the brush bristles. You’re using the wrong dryer, brush or products for your hair.Quality tools are essential for creating a beautiful blowout.

These points will ensure that your natural hair remains protected even during blow drying. Now, the question is, how long does the blow dry last? You can reap these benefits only if you blow dry your hair safely.

This allows your hair to cool down in that smooth shape. I was not using product, did not have the right brush cool minecraft pfp or the right hairdryer . As someone with wavy hair that’s frizzy, I definitely recommend trying this at home.

To prevent frizz, use a moisturizing conditioner in the shower and apply product after combing. The best air-drying product depends on your hair type– try a lightweight smoothing cream for fine/straight hair, an oil-lotion hybrid for wavy hair, or a hydrating mousse for curls. Wear it sleek and straight.Getting blowout hairstyles for short hair to end up perfectly straight can be kind of tricky. Instead of using the traditional round brush for the entire blowout, you’ll need to also use a paddle brush. Blow-dry your hair until it’s about 90% dry with a round brush so your hair will have body. End your blowout with a flat brush to get a perfectly straight finish.

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