Scroll until you see “Page Roles” on the left-hand side. Once you click “Page Roles,” either the Business Manager or the individual person who owns your Page will be visible. Click the check box next to any Page you want to merge into your own. If you have not heard back within a week, encourage other users to do the same thing. It’s possible that the page just hasn’t received enough reports to gain the attention of the Facebook security team.

If the Page is owned by individual people, you will only see a list of admins. Anyone listed as an admin should have full access to your Page and will be able to accept partnership requests as well as add other employees to the Page. In order to prevent future similar issues, make sure to change the password and, if possible, username on your Admin account. This will secure the top level account against intrusion. From this point forward, make sure anyone you put in control of the page is at maximum a Content Creator and not a Manager.

Follow the steps through the rest of this article to claim or create your Facebook page and start reaping the rewards. Changing your Facebook Page’s username and vanity URL is a great excuse to let your fans on other social networks know about your Facebook Page. KnowEm is a username search tool you can use to quickly research whether your new desired username is available across over 500 social networks.

This can take anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks. This is because you’re still technically a member. The only way to move forward is to remove yourself from the current role. As the next step woosender for your business, we strongly recommend you add at least one more admin to your Business Manager. Having multiple admins will help ensure you don’t get locked out again in the future.

Handling and merging Facebook pages while being the admin can be a literally hectic task. You may have several queries and questions while operating these pages. Therefore for such problems, Facebook has a support team that offers a chat facility. You can find the chat option easily in the settings. You can share your problem with the experts, and they will help you to solve your problems.

Click on the “Is this your business” link at the left side of the page. Name your Page with your business’s name. Be sure that the name is the same name you use on yourGoogle Business listing and other online profiles. Select the category that best describes your business.

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