Today I have 3 different hairbrush cleaning methods to share with you. But before we get to the cleaning methods, I want to begin by explaining a little bit about why it’s so important to keep your hairbrush clean. A dirty hairbrush can house dirt, oils and product buildup, which how to get permanent curly hair naturally at home can make your hairstyle dull, flat and greasy if you put it through your strands. Needless to say, cleaning your hairbrush is important but it begs the question, how does one actually deep clean a hairbrush? When you have finished shampooing the comb, rinse it in warm water.

The next morning, wipe the brush with a towel. This will make sure that no water is inside the brush. With the glue, all of the lint will come off.

Using baking soda and vinegar is a great way to disinfect and deep clean your hairbrushes once every few weeks. E. Let the toothbrush reach until the base of the teeth or bristles of your comb or hairbrush to ensure deep cleaning. I haven’t brushed my hair in a couple of days by now and it’s a terrible tangled mess. Also I spent a fair bit of time messing around getting the glue out and soaking/cleaning the brush. The drying time, and possibly the glue peeling time, would be less if the glue was thinner and my house warmer making this less of an issue. As it is I’m not too worried, my time is cheap and my money scarce, but be prepared to go without a hair brush for a while when doing this.

Though the cleaning task is not exciting but you can make it enjoyable by following some quick tips. This substance collects all the air debris, oil, dead skin cells, and dust to damage the hair health. To avoid these damage, you have to clean the brush lint properly as it makes the brush to last longer. Have you ever wondered why is there lint and fuzz on your favorite hairbrush?

So that there’s no dirt from hair getting to the brush. But keep at least a day gap between shampooing. You can use any of the dry cleaning methods as regular cleaning.

This is such a substance that gathers up environmental debris, dust, dead skin cells, and natural oil from your hair to put your hair at risk. So, to help you out, we have thought to show you ways step-by-step to remove the lint and have a healthy hairbrush. It can be easy to neglect a hairbrush or comb.

Depending on the amount of lint, you may have to repeat the process. Because that will be super dirty and unhygienic. We’ve arranged the solutions based on how quick to lengthy they are.

Leave the hairbrush for several hours or overnight. You will see how clean your hairbrush is afterward. At first, free your hairbrush from the strand hairs that are stuck in the bristles. This is to keep the lint surface clean before washing it. If the hairs are stuck there like forever, use scissors or comb tails to cut the hairs to loosen the tangle. To clean a boar bristle brush, first, you need to remove any hair or gunk caught between the bristles.

The vinegar will dissolve the lint, and it will be easy to wipe off. If you don’t have a vacuum or a comb, you can try using a bottle to remove the lint from your hairbrush. All you need to do is cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and then fit it over the bristles. The lint will stick to the bottle and be pulled out. This method is quick and easy, but it only works for certain types of hairbrushes.

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