So far, TikTok haven’t shared a press release about the update, but we suggest one reason is to encourage more active interaction between TikTok accounts. TikTok’s personalisation algorithm is so finely tuned that TikTok users often don’t need to actively follow their favourite creators in order to be repeatedly served their content. By encouraging increased connectedness, TikTok can foster deeper relationships between users. Even the ACCA , a leading international accounting body, chose to become involved with TikTok influencer marketing. They worked with TikTok influencers who visited accountancy firms to create killer ‘day in the life of an accountant’ content to share with their huge followings.

Thanks to this update, you can easily categorize your videos into playlists and grow your audience. To access Collections, click on the bookmark icon below the comment icon. Then, press “+ Create new collection” to add a collection. Categorize your saved posts by topic (i.e., fitness, recipes, dog videos), aesthetic, or any other classification you want. Additionally, you can create a collection of your favorite sounds, effects, and hashtags.

Creating a TikTok Playlist is easy and takes just a few minutes. It’s also straightforward to use, and you can add or remove videos from a playlist anytime. Now, let’s learn how to make your own playlist on TikTok.

TikTok sees a bright future for social commerce on its platform. It is continuing to expand the range of eCommerce platforms with which it works, adding additional ad products, and it plans to release a TikTok Shopping API before the end of 2021. People aren’t going to use polyjacking kansas city your TikTok Shopping if they don’t know about it. You need to promote your TikTok activities and opportunities to as many people as possible. One way to do this is with a Hashtag Challenge Plus, which allows users to shop for products related to a sponsored hashtag.

That said, there are ways to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers. But, when it comes to the TikTok playlist, the only way to get access to the feature is to have enough followers. It is said that TikTok has some requirements that should be satisfied by the user to make a creator playlist.

In March 2021, TikTok introduced a new feature called Playlists. Initially, it was only available for selected creators, but now the feature is available on both Creator and Business accounts. You can create numerous collection folders. TikTok collections are a great tool for sorting all of your favorite videos into different categories. Those who can access the feature should remember that one video can only be part of one playlist.

Frequent examples include generic hashtags like #FYP or #funny – but it TikTok users often alsohijack sponsored hashtags, even if they had nothing to do with their content. The more the algorithm learns about you, the more you’ll start to notice trends within whatever TikTok rabbit hole you’ve gone down. A lot of the time, these trends are built around sounds. The sounds can be audio clips from popular media, music, or even audio created by another user. Keep in mind that only selected creators can make playlists.

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