There’s a good chance you experienced it too, if you’re reading this. If the answer is NO, this is probably the result of a bot traffic. Any website without your website’s hostname can be defined as bot traffic. If there’s referrer spam that disguises itself, use the Secondary Dimension option to search for different options. For example, Hostname, Network Domain, City, Campaign.

The following bots are legitimate and are there to provide helpful solutions for websites and applications. You need to identify what makes these bots different from your real traffic. To be able to properly remove spam, you need to identify their patterns so you can replicate that in filters.

In the case of, you’re likely experiencing ghost spam, meaning traffic is not actually hitting your site. If this is the case, the only damage is that it can pollute your data. There isn’t much you can do to permanently remove the spam from your data; it is forever skewed and your monthly report for January will come with caveats .

Although Google’s anti-spam team fixed the initial spike on January 31, Overdrive is still seeing bot traffic on February 2-3, 2021. Get accurate results by creating Google Analytics Segments. This allows you to separate bot traffic from your previous data . In the Google Analytics Master agence referencement lyon optimize360 View section, select Acquisition from the left side column and select All Traffic and then Channels. In this section, you can see various referral sourced visits and referral information. Was there a special campaign or an activity that would lead to an increase in web traffic in March?

This is the latest Trend in analytics Spam and these services are offered as a way to influence your website metrics. As this “unnatural and faked traffic” can increase website visits, bounce rates and/or time on site, some companies might think it’s a good idea to make use of these services. Long story short, it’s a bot which automates a process to ping hits to your Google Analytics account populating your reports with a URL. I guess they want you to visit their website and buy some more fake traffic from them. There is absolutely no value to doing this whatsoever – the reality is that this spam bot traffic is just a pain in the ass that’s messed with your data. Many website users may have noticed that particularly active visitors have appeared in site’s analytics data.

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