This is imperative if you’re wearing your hat while riding at speed or even if a strong wind picks up. If the brim of your hat meets the wind head-on, it’ll likely stay put. However, if it is the slightest bit tilted up or back, the wind will catch the bottom of the brim and grab your hat like a sail. If you’re like me, you’ll take all the help you can get.

A fur felt hat can be sized down about one full size, but increasing the size isn’t simple. A milliner may be able to stretch the hat a little, but it will eventually go back to its original size due to the blocking done during the making of the hat. Always consult a professional before attempting any major changes or repairs to your hat. As the steam hits the felt, the fibers will start to loosen, becoming more pliable and letting you reshape the material. Once the hat feels nice and toasty, move it out of the steam flow and pull, bend, pinch or lightly stretch the felt to get rid of the wrinkles. Once the kettle or steamer starts producing steam, hold the hat beyond this distance within the direction of the steam.

Rolled and folded brims came into fashion much later, when ranch workers had to pile into pickup trucks without taking up too much space. The shaping wire is made to be reshaped more than once, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Also, it looks like a cowboy hat without a crease. But it has a small shape of a circular indent.

Consider working with one section at a time to achieve the best results. Make sure you’re steaming the brim from the crown side of the western hats. If you start applying steam from the inside of the western hats, you might permanently damage the sweatband of the cowboy hats. The moisture and heat will also cause it to shrink and distort.

You can use an open palm for large sections and your fingers to focus in on smaller parts. Between cleanings, remove lint or stray hairs by gently patting the hat with the sticky side of masking tape or using a lint roller. Please contact us before you send your hat to us.

Still, some pinch front crease hats look like traditional cowboy hats. One option for resizing your hat is to purchase a hat form or wig stand in your size from a hat or leather specialty shop. rogue leveling tbc You can then lightly dampen the area of the hat that needs reshaped or resized with water or a hat shaping spray. Conform the hat to the shape you want, and then place it on the stand or form.

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