Visit a beauty supply store to pick out the correct color toner. It’s best to do this in person in case you need help from an employee. Choose a toner at the level you’d like your hair to look, making sure to purchase the same brand whose color chart you referred to. Is an easy way to add subtle chestnut tones to your highlights and counteract color that’s too ashy. “Most salons have a one-to-two-week window to allow for adjustments,” celebrity hairstylist and colorist Cory Aaron Scott explains to Bustle via email.

Don’t worry if you get toner on darker sections of your hair, as it won’t really affect it. Purchase a 10 volume developer to mix with your toner. The developer will combine with the toner to deposit the color on your hair. You’ll be able to purchase developer at the beauty store along with your toner. Referring to a color chart for your specific brand of hair products is important because all hair product companies have a slightly different color scale.

And you might consider reaching out to your hairstylist to see if they’re offering virtual walkthroughs. Remember, even with all the tutorials in the world, mistakes how to fix a frizzy silk press can happen. If they do, before you stress out, take a deep breath and remember, there are ways to make it better without totally ruining your hair.

It’s a band of overlapped color that looks darker than the rest. Make sure you don’t overlap any previously colored or bleached areas during your second go-round. Add developer to the party, which helps lift the outermost cuticle layer to allow the dye molecules inside, and you’ve got a recipe for serious damage and breakage. When you can safely dye your hair againdepends on a few factors.

Colors like red, yellow, and sun-kissed orange help in removing ashy tones. Using a warm toner on certain sections or all over your hair can evenly distribute the color. Take precautions to avoid too-light highlights in the future. This includes preventative action like asking for balayage instead of highlights, meaning your hair is colored by hand.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to re-highlight your hair, but, overall, you need to tread super cautiously to avoid damaging your hair even more. “If it happens, you can tone the highlights two to three shades darker, and it will blend the stripes out,” O’Neil says. After allowing your mane to recoup from the bleach for a week or so, you can attempt to lighten your hair further. Bleach strips your hair of essential proteins and nutrients, and repeated exposure can be very damaging.

“To counteract yellow hues you need to use something that has violet in it; to counteract orange tones you’ll need to use blue hues,” she says. This doesn’t mean you should cover brassy hair with a blue or purple hair dye. Instead, you should look for toning shampoos and conditioners that can control the undertone of your hair without turning it another color. Cheeseman loves the Matrix Total Results line, which includes blue and violet shampoos and conditioners.

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