Repeat this process until all of the bleached strands have been covered in color. Money piece highlights are strategically placed to add pops of color hispanics with curly hair at the front of your face. These face-brightening strands have been trending for a while now, but they will continue to reign through the rest of 2022.

Regardless of the placement option you choose, you can experiment and play with many different color combinations. This avoids a solid line of outgrowth that you would see if your hair was solid blonde. The thickness of a highlight is usually a personal preference but babylights are great for the client who likes having a more blended look. Though the babylights can give you a few extra weeks between appointments, they usually do come at a slightly higher price tag than a traditionally weaved highlight.

After it processes for the correct time, you’ll rinse it out and blow dry to see the results. Here’s what you can expect to shell out for an at-home hair color. And if you’re going to a salon for a major lift or color correction (we’ve all been there), your stylist might charge you by the hour instead.

“By focusing the lighter shade at just the front of the hairline, it creates an immediate frame for the face in a subtle yet head-turning way,” he says. He also insists that it lends benefits to hair health. “It’s a great way to refresh your look and lighten up your color without damaging it,” he says. If you have some natural curls, style them before dyeing the front highlights so that the new tone can rest in one curl clump and contrast with another.

Feel free to experiment with soft mint against jet black hair. There’s something truly special about ombre hairstyles inspired by fire. If you’re into sharp but stylish gradients, we definitely recommend ombre for your two tone hairstyle idea. Cut trending curtain bangs or face-framing pieces and then dye them in a preferred shade to hit the fashion. No matter what kind of dimensional highlights you choose to go with, they can be a great way to enhance the color you already have on your hair. If your stylist does choose to use lightener for your highlights, do make sure it doesn’t stay on your hair too long.

Bleaching your hair can cause breaking, frizz, and dryness. We’ve got 22 tips to hydrate your hair and improve texture. If you do use a hair dryer or other styling tool, apply a heat protectant to your hair.

This is a primary reason why the money piece hair trend is gaining more and more popularity with time. Opting for face-framing highlights is never a bad idea when it comes to updating your hairstyle. Not only are they relatively low-maintenance and inexpensive, but they also come in so many shades and finishes that you will find something to flatter every face shape, skin tone, and hair color.

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