We also recommend upgrading your backpack if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the mines starting from the early morning to save yourself a few trips. If you live on the Four-corners Farm, there’s a possibility you might catch an Ancient doll. Moreover, you’ll find this strange item inside Fishing Treasure chests. Wait for your first child to fully grow before getting a second kid with the same process. There is no way to reverse this once it is done, but it will allow you to have more children in the future. If you decide you don’t want your kid anymore, you can “dismiss” them.

After 56 days, the child will grow up into a toddler. However, they will not grow up any further than that. You can also have up to two children in the game as well. The first child will have a randomized sex, either funny farm names male or female, while the second child will always be the opposite of the first. However, unlike your spouse, your friendship level with your kids will not decay once it reaches 10 hearts, like the other villagers.

It happens only after you decide to have biological children. It features your spouse indicating that they’re pregnant and asking you about how wonderful the situation is. The second time you upgrade your house, it’ll add two new rooms.

You may not increase friendship with a child in stage 1. Geriatric pregnancy is a rarely used term for having a baby when you’re 35 or older. Rest assured, most healthy women who get pregnant after age 35 and even into their 40s have healthy babies. With age, you’re also at a higher risk for disorders that affect your fertility.

But of course, you can even have your own kids in the game. I really liked the bedroom idea suggested by ISSsloth, but I already really like my main floor bedroom as it is. So I ended up making a guest bedroom/office combo for my farmhand, for whenever it’s getting late and there just isn’t time to run across the farm to their cabin. I think Seb likes it too, he came into the room halfway into construction and I had to build the whole thing around him. If Stardew Valley had to be defined in a single genre – it’d be a farming game at its core….

The partner will need to be happy, which means 12 hearts . Stardew Valley gives its players the opportunity to live a lot of real-life activities, like marriage, which is a huge part of the game. Forming relationships, dating and getting married is a big part of what Stardew Valley players do. Getting married to an NPC is difficult , but it is something that most Stardew Valley players aspire to do. You can’t, technically, stop a pregnancy in the game. Once you’ve agreed to have a baby with your spouse, the child will always be born after 14 days.

Once this is met, the player must buy a Bouquet from Pierre and present it to them, at which point the game will consider them the player’s boyfriend/girlfriend. If you agree to have kids, the baby will be born or the adoption process will finish 14 days later. When you wake up on the fourteenth day, there will be an infant in the crib. Kids can be found in Stardew Valley from the start, but having kids of your own is also possible. In order to have kids you first need to have a wife or a husband. They also need to be happy, meaning they have at least 12 hearts.

There are numerous ways to have children in Stardew Valley, but having children at the start of the game is one of them. If you want to have children and your partner is happy with the decision, you should first find a spouse. Their relationship must also be mutually beneficial to both of you. After you’ve found a spouse, you’ll need to spend time together on a romantic night before tying the knot.

Doing this will make your spouse jealous though and you will have a chance to lose 30 friendship points for each gift you give the “dateables”. Adopting a child in Stardew Valley is not too different than having a biological one. Now, head to Pierre’s General Store and purchase the Bouquet for 200g. Giving it to the villager shows you are romantically interested, and it will unlock an additional two hearts to earn. You can only have a second child once your first child reaches the Toddler stage.

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