The player must do this within 7 seconds otherwise the puck will then be returned to you for a turn. The referee may call an official time-out for a reasonable duration for warranted situations such as emergencies and interference. Losing control of your mallet, regardless of whether it is attached to your hand, when striking a puck is a foul. An own goal that results from you dropping your mallet after striking a puck that was not deflected by the opposing side earns you a point. It also gives you permission to stop the puck with your hands or body. You can stand at the end or side of the table as long as you do not cross past the centerline to your opponent’s side.

If the puck is touching the center line, both players will be able to hit it. In other words, a player cannot just toss the puck into the opponent’s goal. The illegal score shall not create a point, and the player who was illegally scored upon shall have the right to hand serve as the penalty imposed upon the fouling player.

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If the puck attains excessive motion, the referee may declare the face-off null and redo it. If the puck goes off the table, the face-off is repeated. Tables with a long overhead light are not sanctioned for tournament use. The puck may be struck with any part of the mallet.

However, each player may strike the puck only when it is on his side of the tabletop game board. In order to win the game , the player who scores 7 points first, wins. To count the score, when the puck enters the horizontal plane , it has to remain there for the score to be counted. If the puck rebounds itself from player 1 side and goes to make the goal in player 2 side, then the score will be counted. Now for example, player 1 just made the goal. After the score, player 1 has about 10 seconds to place the puck back on the table to begin playing.

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