Getting a good grip every time is the first step to being an accurate and strong thrower. Squeeze the ball with your thumb pushing it against your middle finger. Rotate the ball in your hand until you find the “horseshoe seam”. This is where the seams form a C shape, a backwards C shape, or a horseshoe shape. You can read about how to grip a two-seam fastball here. This pitch typically will stay straight depending on your arm angle.

The first additional influencer of fastball success is spin rate, which has been somewhat of a buzzword in baseball for the last couple years. The general understanding is that the higher the spin rate, the more movement each pitch will have. Upon release, a curveball may seem like it’s off the strike zone but unexpectedly breaks and swirls back towards the home plate for a strike. That’s why this pitching technique can help you throw off the opposing team’s batter. If you want to challenge the batters with a slower speed throw, using the two-seam grip is the way to go.

While the four-seam fastball is considered its own type of pitch, there are still variations within it that can alter the behaviour of the ball when it’s thrown. Below are the three most common pitch variations of the four-seam grip. In this article, we unlocked the hidden elements that create an elite fastball.

This is something you can practice just sitting around your house by throwing the ball up catching it… being sure find the proper 4seam grip as quickly as possible. If you were to place your fingers parallel with the horseshoe the seams when they spin backwards are in a position to catch the wind resistance and shoot left or right. The ideal hold for a strong, straight throw is a 4-seam grip. To make sure you are minimizing side spin; place a piece of colored tape around the ball in a straight line that correlates to the grip and the direction you are throwing.

As a result, they have problems gripping, controlling and releasing the pitch properly. Younger kids usually have hands two seam vs four seam and fingers that are smaller and shorter. Check out the movement on this pitch to get Mark Teixeira swinging…

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