Lastly, pitchers with good 12-6 curveballs typically have success with 4 seam fastballs. Sometimes, even pitchers who normally throw a 2 seam fastball go back to the 4 seam grip when they are struggling to find the zone. It is called a 2 seam because when it is thrown, two of its seams are spinning against the air.

While there are many good arguments for a 4 seam fastball, there are also several reasons a pitcher should throw a 2 seam fastball instead. 2 Seam FastballA 2 seam fastball is typically taught to more experienced players kutztown dorms who are looking to add to their pitching repertoire. Most baseball players were taught at an early age how to throw a 4 seam fastball. So, both fastballs get their names from how many seams each rotation will reveal.

(I’m the mom!) I’ve played softball much of my life, so my baseball IQ is higher than that of most girls, but I still get hung up on some things that are different. You will see tight spin with a red dot to help you identify the slider. Additional grips are provided at the end of this post to give you more options to consider.

Not sure why this went unanswered, or if you’ll ever see the response, but here’s a free amateur response anyway. As I understand it, a “riser” is a bit of a misnomer, but it refers to a fastball. The better the rotation on a fastball, the more “lift” it has on it to counter gravity. However gravity still prevails, so the ball does not, in fact, ever actually gain altitude. But if you’re a batter watching a fast ball come in and your brain expects the ball to drop at a typical rate, the actual trajectory of the ball appears to rise relative to your expectations.

Hey this is on excellent description of the pitches in baseball. Now all I need is to recognize each from the televized perspective that is the standard for all coverage . Your job as a mom is to make your children socially responsible adults, not civic problems, recidivists, or drug abusing criminals. If you have time after that, go ahead and support his unrealistic dreams and encourage him to beat the incredible odds of making it to the majors. What the hey, there are 800 MLB players, and only 330 million people in the US.

If you’re a baseball player or interested in it, you might know that there are 4 seam and 2 seam fastball pitches that get their names from the pitching style and rotation of the ball. These fastballs differ from curveballs and other styles, so let’s learn how they compare against each other. The most commonly used one is to place the index and middle fingers along the 2 seam of the ball where the seams are closest together. Depending on the fingertip pressure of the pitcher when releasing the ball, the pitch can either has more sideway or downward movement. It was discovered that the seams that rise off of the baseball affect the way the ball rolls off the pitcher’s fingers.

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