The only quibble involved the control indicator light, which some testers found unclear. Choose the direction of the curl by pressing the right or left curling button. When you move on to the other side, press the opposite direction curling button so that your curls are symmetrical. Our team also incorporated their own personal experiences testing products in their own lives. We then used these insights from our research and testing to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to certain products on the list.

If your hair is thinner or you’re looking for a lightweight hydration, spritz an easy-to-use conditioning spray all over the hair, focusing on the ends. For more hydration and definition, smooth a cream-based string braided into hair leave-in conditioner onto soaking wet hair. 4A hair types have a visible curl pattern with springy S-shaped coils that are densely packed and require more frequent maintenance to keep coils manageable.

Marula oil repairs damage, coconut cream deeply nourishes, and shea butter protects your hair’s cuticle for extra smoothness and shininess. Users rave about how soft and defined it leaves curls, without any stiffness or crunchiness. 2C hair has texture that is getting thick, it’s more likely to experience frizzing, and the S-bend starts right from the root and is very well defined. It’s important to keep this hair moisturized, so DiMeo recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo, which helps not strip natural oils and moisture away. “This hair can finish with styling creams layered over mousse to enhance the natural wave pattern, as well as moisturize,” he explains. Flawless curls and waves are created in an instant with the Revamp Progloss Hollywood Wave Advanced Protect & Shine Automatic Curler.

The foam creates an awesome, “lived-in” look for your waves, and we also appreciate that it has UV filters that’ll help protect your hair from the sun. While we love this pick for wavy hair, some folks do complain that it doesn’t sop up oil as much as other dry shampoos on the market. Because of this, we don’t recommend this product for anyone with a super oily scalp as you probably won’t get your desired result. The Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is ideal for people with fine, wavy hair because the formula is lightweight and won’t weigh down your strands. Perky curls don’t have to come with an expensive price tag. This budget curl cream gets the job done well for about the cost of a frappucino.

If you have curly or kinky hair, particularly if you have tight coils, brushing your hair will separate it and leave you looking poofy and frizzy. This type of hair never really needs to be brushed. A boar-bristle brush is made with bristles that are similar to the texture of your hair, so it won’t damage your curls.

Follow Charlotte’s step by step to perfect curls using a hair diffuser… If you enjoy experimenting with colour, you’ll know that it can come at a cost to your hair’s overall health. This clever machine aims to combat the problem by emitting a blend of oils to reduce dryness.

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