Not quite – netizens spotted that the same pattern may also work for Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant if you set the commands corresponding to the spells. Additionally, some users noted that Lumos and Nox work in Google Assistant.Apparently, our real world has more than enough magic for those willing to look for it. After unboxing your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 and setting up all the basics, it’s time to let loose and start playing with the plethora of features the device offers.

The free app needs to be downloaded and can be set to activate when you hold down phone-specific buttons. From there, you can say, “Hey Google, Lumos” and the spell will work a charm. Have you ever imagined yourself in Hogwarts, able to cast spells and learn magic tricks from the world of Harry Potter? It seems that technology can offer you a way to catch a glimpse of magic in the real world.

The only real reason I have her installed at all on my Android is her ability to connect my phone to my PC, so I can respond to texts without having to stop what I’m doing on my computer to pick up my phone. It’s not often that Samsung dives into a new product category, and a lot of the ideas behind The Freestyle are exciting. The company packed a ton of entertainment and functionality into this device.

You can also do this on your smartphone, if you have an Android. Just say ”OK Google,” followed by “Lumos Maxima” to turn your flashlight on. To turn it off, “Nox.” This was set up by Google and Warner Bros. as a 2016 promotion for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and is still in action. Levitation is within our grasp, guys — we don’t need Professor Flitwick to show us how it’s done. Swish and flick and invest in levitating phone chargers, lamps, bluetooth speakers, pot plants, cameras, beer glasses, and light bulbs— you’ll be a charms whizz in no time. Keep an eye on these researchers using sound to levitate objects, and in the meantime, get your levitation fix with one of these hoverboards.

But, like Siri on the iPhone, Google Assistant has complete system control over the OS; turning on the flashlight (even with the Potter-ific “Lumos” command) and turning on battery saver mode, etc and so forth. But it is a clear head and shoulders over Siri’s performance in that it combines those abilities with the robust information center that Assistant is. And, unlike iOS, there’s no roadblocks, there’s no stumbling around, there’s no limitations outside of the limitations of the program itself.

If you really want a map, Warner Bros. has an electronic replica which lets you use a wand to see little footprints wandering around Hogwarts. If you want to wield your Android smartphone like a magic wand by using Google Assistant, see what it can do below and how you can program it to perform even more spells. If you already know how to set up and conjure Google Assistant on your Android device, feel free to skip those sections. Additionally, some users noted that Lumos and Nox work in Google Assistant. If you spend your time daydreaming about attending Hogwarts or wishing you could join Harry Potter’s squad, Google may have something that will brighten your day … literally. You can now cast a “spell” — the same way wizards and witches in Potter’s world wield their wands — to turn your smartphone’s flashlight on and off.

Each assistant has their own place, their own strengths, and rather than picking a clear winner , you should pick your OS, and when you do, remember which assistant you are hiring. Don’t hire Siri if you know she won’t be up to snuff, which means don’t buy the shiny new iPhone 8. Or, likewise, don’t hire Google Assistant if you know you need an assistant who will work on latina stepsis. your MacBook and iPad seamlessly, which means avoid the Samsung Galaxies or the Motos or the Pixels. The bigger debate in Assistant V Assistant is going to be device-based, rather than assistant-based. If you want the most out of any of these offerings, you are going to want to buy in to that OS; I prefer Google Assistant myself, which is why I have an Android phone.

All you need is just say the spell and then name the app you need.For further magic, you’re going to have to dig into your Siri settings so that spells work properly. “Wingardium Leviosa!” – a levitation spell – automates a search for a flight from your location. You can even get a little rebellious and use “Avada Kedavra” if you want Siri to turn the brightness on your phone to the lowest level and put it into airplane mode. The fact that it is only available on iPhone raises the interesting question whether anyone with an Android is by definition a muggle?

So that means, when I ask Siri to take a note in Google Keep or Microsoft OneNote, she responds with “I wish I could, but Google Keep hasn’t set that up with me yet,” meaning it is on Google or Microsoft to add that function. In other, more annoying instances, Siri insists upon using Apple’s apps; if I say “Play Mandy Harvey in Spotify,” Siri plays Mandy Harvey… in Apple Music. Even if I delete Apple Music from my device, she won’t play it in Spotify, I’ll just get an error message (“Hmm, I’m having trouble playing that. If you aren’t on Wi-Fi, make sure cellular data is enabled”). Bixby Voice is a mixture of a personal assistant you can ask questions and command to set reminders, and an automation tool you can instruct to open apps, tap on buttons and enter text without touching your phone. At the times when I was using The Freestyle in those ideal, dark circumstances, I was satisfied with the picture quality. I watched several episodes of The Dropout, a ton of Sling TV, and several hours of random Netflix selections.

You can pair Bluetooth speakers or headphones with The Freestyle if you’re not impressed by the built-in audio. And when I hooked it up in my backyard and watched a movie on the side of the building next door one night, I took advantage of that and linked it with a Sonos Move for beefier movie night sound. Again, Bluetooth support is by no means unique to Samsung’s projector, but it makes for impressive utility. As you get into the afternoon and early evening, the situation improves a bit, and The Freestyle is at least competent.

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