Ashley is a successful Bull from the Windy City and he shares his journey which began when he first discovered his father’s collection of Penthouse Forums many years ago. Ashley is a Bull with a grounded and captivating approach to the lifestyle. He is the quintessential Bull and one who is very much sought after. Once you listen to this episode you will see exactly why.

My hope is that this will spark some healthy dialog between husbands and wives. But now there’s another sex craze, referred to as ‘stags and vixens’, which also involves watching your partner have sex with another person. Generally speaking that’s a female partner having sex with other men. Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of community within the wife sharing lifestyle but I realized that some of you don’t know exactly how to go about connecting with other like minded couples. So I decided to be proactive and help people get together.

It is common knowledge that women involved in the lifestyle often have their own insecurities to overcome. What is talked about less often are the insecurities that the male partners often face once a couple enters this lifestyle. This is a very thought provoking episode that I encourage couples to listen to together if possible.

This episode is a deep dive into what my Community Building Project is all about, why I’m doing it and how you can be involved. If you are not yet involved I hope you will sign up so that you can meet more people in our very special tribe. A couple in which the man shares his woman with other men for erotic NSA encounters, how to get fishing pole genshin yet the husband is straight hetero alpha and not seeking bi play nor humiliation and the woman does not demean or sissify her man. Stag vixen is the other variant of the hotwifing lifestyle. There is a situation that occurs with some couples in the lifestyle in which the male partner will behave in an inconsistent manner.

As you listen you will have a better idea of what I am talking about. In the widest sense, a hotwife is a wife that has sexual relations with men outside of her marriage with the knowledge of her husband. These lifestyle marriages tend to focus on the wife and her extramarital relations, often meaning that the husband is faithful to his hotwife, not having any relations outside of the marriage. This is more common in a cuck/hotwife dynamic than in a stag/vixen relationship.

Sometimes verbal humiliation will be a part of the scene, with the partner expressing how much better her lover is than her cuck, how much bigger his penis is and how inadequate he is by comparison. In the past we’ve told you all about the predilection for being humiliated by watching your partner having sex with someone else. The Stag should convey masculine confidence and the Vixen should convey feminine sexuality and seductiveness. If your design is Anthropomorphic the Vixen should be voluptuous. If your design is abstract the Stag should be facing the Vixen, the Vixen can be facing either way. The scale and size of the Stag and Vixen should be the same.

J and S blossomed from friends, to lovers, to married partners all while remaining open and honest with one another about their sexual fantasies. S and J share that hotwifing has increased their sexual passion for one another and express how lucky they both feel to be adventuring through the lifestyle with one another. Let’s be honest, we’ve all dealt with some form of insecurity in our lives and it’s not something that many of us are willing to talk about. In this episode I am joined by a wonderful couple who were willing to take that walk and share their deepest feelings on how their insecurities impacted their journey and how they each learned to love themselves.

Cuckold, Stag, Vixen and Hot Wife, our real life stories with added fantasy. Sophia always said never to being shared, but after years of fantasy stories, her undeniable need to flirt with me led to her cuckolding me for the first time. Sophia denied her feelings and desires until she could not resist anymore she shared with me the first time being seduced, undressed and mad handled for the first time by someone other than her husband, and she liked it. Since that first time, she has agreed to have sex with men for her pleasure and mine. In these stories of our life, cuckold, stag, vixen we share a bit of our journey from manogamy to the kinky taboo lifestyle of wife sharing Stag & Vixen lifestyle. You’re going to get a bunch of answers to this which will contradict each other.

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