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On a 2003 episode of her old reality television show, Newlyweds, Jessica asked her former husband Nick Lachey, 47, if “Chicken of the Sea” was actually chicken or tuna. As Nick explained to Jessica at the time, “‘Chicken of the Sea’ is the brand, you know, cause a lot of people eat tuna and a lot of people eat chicken. So, it’s like chicken of the sea.” Jocelyn Hsu Whole Foods has been selling buffalo chicken salad in it’s New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut stores, but that product ain’t chicken. Apparently, the Willow Tree Poultry Farm based “buffalo chicken” also contained tuna, and all 440 pounds of the salad were recalled. Chicken of the Sea is also using the opportunity to highlight some of its business practices with a spot that shows its digital traceability program, which tracks its food from sea to table.

The company scheduled the celebrity visit during a staff meeting to discuss a new, chunkier chunk tuna, which will be available next year. Along with clearing up the issue for the singer, who eats the tuna in her new “With You” video, Chicken of the Sea presented her with a basket of tuna and trinkets, including an apron. “There were times when we were like, ‘Hm, does she really not how did sza lose weight know what this means?’ I truly believe the whole ‘chicken & fish’ situation was accurate. She really did not know,” Kolinsky said of Simpson’s “dumb blonde” flub. “I remember there was a scene where there was a dead mouse by their pool and it had been dead for a while. Nick said, ‘it’s in rigor mortis’ and Jessica said, ‘Riga-what?’ I truly believe she didn’t know what that meant.”

The lawsuit claims that instead of serving actual fish, Subway makes an “entirely non-tuna based mixture that Defendants blended to resemble tuna and imitate its texture.” In a scene that will forever encapsulate pop culture of the early aughts—it even became a Saturday Night Live skit—Simpson asks Lachey to explain to her the branding of this particular tuna. If you watch closely, you can actually see Lachey reconsidering the marriage in his mind. Back in the early ’00s, Jessica Simpson co-starred with then-husband Nick Lachey on MTV reality showThe Newlyweds.Their show, and marriage, was short-lived , but one iconic quote from the series is still funny. “#ChickenoftheSea,” the singer and fashion designer tweetedafter posting a picture of a chicken swimming in the ocean blue water.

Fans lost it after seeing Jessica and Subway tweet at each other, which was an unexpected interaction, to say the least. Of course, fans also tweeted GIFs from the iconic scene in question, which showed Jessica eating a bowl of “Chicken of the Sea” and asking Nick, “Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken…by the sea?

Jessica Simpson, however, is less concerned about the contents of Subway’s mixture, as she’s famously always struggled with the concept of tuna. She sympathized with the fast food chain on Twitter, writing, “It’s OK @SUBWAY. It IS confusing.” While Whole Foods is urging anyone who bought the 12.5-ounce individual packets of chicken salad that actually contain tuna to the store or simply throw it out, Simpson couldn’t help but make a joke. The singer/actress sent out a tweet Friday in support of the Subway sandwich chain, which is under the gun from a lawsuit claiming there’s no tuna in its tuna sandwiches.

As consumers demand more transparency in their eating options, such initiatives should come as welcome developments. The Chicken of the Sea brand was founded in 1914 and, with this campaign, is moving into more full-fledged digital video content. October is National Seafood Month, and Chicken of the Sea is celebrating with a “Fish Called Chicken” campaign consisting of a series of 15-second digital video spots featuring a talking chicken,according to a news release.

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