Looking to replace your car’s tires at an affordable price? Johnnys Tire Shop is a tire shop in Glendale, AZ that has years of experience serving the community with the best tires available for a variety of vehicles. From tire services, used tires, new tires and much more, we have what you are looking for. Give your car the best tire tread you can afford and let us help you find the perfect match.

Accepted payment methods include Debit cards , NFC mobile payments . Tire rotation is the practice of moving the wheels and tires of an automobile from one position to another, to ensure even tire wear, which extends the useful life of a set of tires. Rotation is important because each tire on a car carries a different amount of weight, making them wear at different rates. By rotating them, you basically even out those differences. Your owner’s manual will tell you how often to rotate your tires, but as a rule of thumb, it should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. We keep you rolling every day of the week with the brands you trust at the prices you love.

If you bought your tire from us with the standard installation, tire repair is no charge. At Johnny Wheels Tire Discounters, when you purchase any 4 tires with our standard installation, you get a free alignment. The alignment is over $100 value and comes with a 12-month warranty. JOHNNY’S TIRE & AUTO SERVICE is located in STEUBENVILLE, OH and offers a complete selection of car and truck tires. JOHNNY’S TIRE & AUTO SERVICE in STEUBENVILLE has thousands of tires in stock from the industry’s top manufacturers.

The represents the smallest and widest size wheels that are recommended by the tire manufacturer for the tire to be mounted on. Tires are the single most important safety feature on your car. Johnny’s Auto Service also offers good used tires for sale. These may be a solution for you if you need tires but can’t afford new tires. Johnny’s Auto Service selects our used tires very carefully to ensure quality and safety to our customers. We offer these services to help you prolong the life of your tires.

Proper maintenance and responsible driving can maximize the mileage in a set of tires. It has received 76 reviews with jhonny’s tire shop an average rating of 4.1 stars. Their services include Curbside pickup, In-store pickup, In-store shopping, Delivery .

At 7 Day Tire Store, you have access to a comprehensive selection of tires built for your adventures. From all-season tires to all-terrain tires, there’s something for every style of driver. We’re also available for your preventive maintenance and automotive repair needs. A tire’s maximum load is the maximum amount of weight the tire is designed to hold. The tire’s load carrying capacity is directly related to the tire’s size and amount of inflation pressure that is actually used.

I compare prices and they are always less than others for major things. A tire that’s been around longer than many of us, this is a classic. It is a really good all-round cyclo-cross tyre, versatile enough to cope with a range of conditions from hardpack to muddy fields.

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