In addition, the children will be able to visit a kindergarten and other facilities there. Business – Interesting business opportunities and ideas, modeling engagements, money earning possibilities, advertising strategies, resources for beginners and experienced adult businessmen. We are also open for all suggestions and proposals, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about your business plans.

Sources showcase the independent research, transferability, and something that can be worldwide adapted. Play-based learning techniques can be resourcefully used as pedagogy. Video marketing Create and promote branded videos, host live events and webinars, and more. Solutions Video marketing Create and promote branded videos, host live events and webinars, and more. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

For children with a disability, sports and play are powerful means to make them look at possibilities instead of limitations. The Spartans Community Football Academy offers an alternative school program for children and adolescents who are not able to follow the mainstream curriculum due to emotional and social behaviour problems. The program supports students through special coaching and mentoring, focusing on self-reflection, personal development and fostering a growth mindset.

The Thái Bình Province is located on the coast in northern Vietnam, about 100 km from Hanoi. While the social and economic conditions in Vietnam have increasingly improved in recent years, Thái Bình is still one of the poorer regions. In particular, children angela rule 34 are still exposed to great suffering, many have no access to clean drinking water and sanitation, many children suffer from malnutrition. PRANA Foundation pays around two thirds of the construction costs of an entire SOS Children’s Village in Thái Bình.

And this is what we actualy experienced in organization called Viva. Small weekly activities booted up by two volunteers until now activate children and show them how to spend time in creative way. This way, all children gain competences necessary to build themselves positive future and succeed in school, work, home and their communities. Children in the rural areas of East Africa often don’t come to school.

Those who do come to school get to experience the old-fashioned way of teaching, without attention for SEL. This – in addition to daily struggles such as illnesses, violence, child marriages, early pregnancies & COVID-19 – leads to an enormous number of drop-outs. Sending one girl to school creates an effect that can be felt for generations. Will you help her work on her own future, health, and prosperity? The entire community and future generations will be helped too.

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With the support of the PRANA Foundation, a new minibus could be purchased for the children’s centre, which ensures the transportation of the children to events, excursions and homesteads. The PRANA Foundation supports various activities of orphanage in Anwia Nkwanta, a village in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The orphanage enables children to grow up in a trusted environment and offers basic and secondary education. The objective is to allow the children to develop into strong and independent adults. Mercy is one of the competitive girls participating in the program. By playing this game, children learn about the symptoms of malaria.

It fosters collaboration and is an effective way to engage students. The PRANA Foundation supports 60 orphan girls for a period of 4 years, and so enables them to complete their school curriculum leading to better future job prospects. In this way the PRANA Foundation sponsors the Dutch “Verkaart Stichting”, a non-profit organisation that provides care for the poorest – providing not just schooling, but also clothing, school uniforms, and basic medical care. The “Verkaart Stichting” has built several orphanages in Kenya and is still expanding its activities – always in close cooperation with local authorities and elders. Programme activities include agricultural projects that enable the orphanage to become ultimately self-financing. The children learn, for example, to grow vegetables and to keep livestock in order to become self-sufficient.

Join for Joy strongly believes that every child should experience the carefree, joyful energy of childhood. We manifest this belief by organizing summercamps and sports and play activities at schools for children living in developing countries. Health and wellbeing of pupils and teachers is the basis for successful teaching and learning. Place2B offers Scottish schools accompanying measures and training to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students, families and teachers.

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