To recreate, comb a high-shine gel through your damp hair (don’t be afraid of using too much), then tie your hair into a high ponytail before braiding the ends. A super-defined middle part gives these classic pigtail braids a polished, I-tried-today finish, even if you’re dealing with some day-four, just-woke-up hair. Make your curls easier to braid by first raking a smoothing cream through them from roots to tips. Braiding damp hair is a great way to create smooth, tight braids.

They are the largest size of box braids available out there and are very captivating. They look beautiful, are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle. Jada Pinkett Smith has always impressed us with her hair game which is why this hairstyle of hers feels like an obvious and expected addition. She has straight-back box braids which she has accessorized with small feathers. And it is the feathers which are the real game-changers. Start by washing your hair for a clean foundation.

Case in point is these box braids with golden cuffs. What would happen if someone was to add box braids to the all-time favorite hairstyle? It will become even more popular and look chic.

Like all other hair style, you can accessorize your hair with cowries or braid rings. It’s crucial that you take care of your hair underneath. To do that, I recommend using one of these leave-in conditioner sprays, so that you can moisturize your hair without applying heavy creams. If weaving a scarf throughout your braid feels out of your skill set, you still have options when it comes to accessories.

The case in point is these gorgeous box braids. The white thread against the mahogany braids presents a beautiful contrasting effect which adds to the beauty of this hairstyle. Who said your box braids have to flow with the wind to look pretty? The beautiful brown color of the locks and the box braids assembled into a mighty bun on the top of the head paint an incredibly beautiful picture. Box braids are cool, box braids with color are cooler but knotless box braids with color are the coolest.

You can accessorize your ponytail with beads or colored yarn if you want to make your look more exciting. You can also dress up or dress down a ponytail depending on the occasion. The braided mohawk is an edgy and bold hairstyle for those how to section hair to dye roots who want to transform their look. With the braids holding your curls in place down the middle of your head, your hair can easily transition from day to night. Either way, this hairstyle is chic and will keep your hair up nice and tight.

Whether you wear hair up or down, the shaved areas will be noticeable and contrast nicely with your curls. These beauties are a mix of black, light brown, and caramel and tipped with gold hair cuffs. To get lift and volume, flip most of them over to one side. If you will be using x-pressions hair pack, you can get away with about 2 packs of hair. Because box braids are meant to last weeks at a time, it’s important to make sure your scalp is being properly taken care of. One of the best ways to do this is by massaging your favorite oil into your scalp.

You will need 2-3 packs of x-pressions kanekalon hair and 2 packs of freetress deep twist hair. Spritz your braids and curls with oil or a lightweight shine spray to keep your curls looking and feeling healthy. Remember, wherever the braids start, the waves will start.

Feel beautiful with silver or gray ombre into curled-up box braids. A shoulder-length or bob haircut is easy to maintain, too. While the curls on the box braids might not last as long as you wish, they are great for any special occasion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your box braids. The more styles you try, the more beautiful you can feel without drastically changing the hairstyle. You can also try these French braids for curly hair.

When you get to where the extension hair meets the wavy hair, apply one drop of superglue there and allow it to dry. The glue will keep the braid in place while the wavy hair remains loose. Using your natural hair as one of the three braiding sections, begin to three-strand plait your hair in with the extension hair. Section your natural hair into four sections with your rat tail comb. Take your time while parting, as clean parts are necessary for this style.

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