Investigators in the United States had discovered the 1974 Pinto that a 22-year-old student was driving back to Auburn University from Georgia when he went missing 45 years ago. “Obviously I don’t know if the GBI will ever be able to prove cause of death and manner of death because I don’t know how much of the remains are intact and how much an autopsy will reveal,’’ Skandalakis said. Next, he said, he saw Hyde and Jones each take one of Clinkscales’ arms and drag him into the shop.

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala. – The family of missing Auburn University student Kyle Clinkscales who vanished 45 years ago, tells News 3 this is an emotional time for the surviving members of Kyle’s family. Inside the car, investigators found what they think are human bones along with identification and credit cards belonging to Mr Clinkscales, according to Sheriff James Woodruff of Troup County, Georgia. Kyle Wade Clinkscales’s car was pulled from a creek around Cusseta, Alabama, on Tuesday after a man called 911 to say he believed he had spotted a vehicle. Kyle Clinkscales’s disappearance 45 years ago may finally find a resolution following the discovery of his car inside a creek in Chambers County, Alabama.

I was driving to Lafayette to pick up a load, looked over the bridge, and saw a piece of window sticking out of the water. So, I went ahead and called the non-emergency number for the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office and let them know,” Darling told News 3. Throughout their lifetime, the pain of Kyle’s sudden disappearance lived with them. In their hurt, Kyle Clinkscales parents decided to change the narratives about missing people search. They rose to the occasion and founded a non-profit organization called “Find Me Inc”.

Jones later told police that on the night Kyle vanished, he arrived at Hyde’s home and discovered Kyle’s body; he had been shot to death. Before Hyde died, he told Jones that after placing it in the pond, he went back, recovered it, and took it to an unknown location. However, Jones later made other statements to police minerva elementary school that contradicted this one. He later pleaded guilty to making false statements and was sentenced to nine years in prison. It is not known if Johnson was ever tried for the charges against her. Search for the 22-year-old college student, Kyle Clinkscales, who went missing in 1976, appears to have ended on a sombre note.

Maybe the water level in the creek had lowered over the years. Or maybe the metal latch on the hatchback had rusted and finally gave way, allowing the hatchback to pop open and rise above the water. The people who needed to know most that Kyle had been found—his parents—were both dead.

John sadly passed away in 2007, with Kyle’s mother, Louise, said to have died earlier this year. Although his parents are dead, his family is emotional and elated enough to finally give him the burial he deserves, and his parents desired. They further dissuade people from contributing to any Gofundme opened in his name. It is fraudulent and unnecessary because his late parents hopefully stashed up cash for his funeral.

As quoted by CNN, he said, “For 45 years, we have looked for this young man and looked for this car.” Sheriff Woodruff said he hoped this day would have come while Clinkscales’ parents were still alive. 11Alive spoke to Kyle’s parents in 1996, 20 years after he disappeared. In 2006, a man named Jimmy Jones claimed that he was there in Jan. 1976 “the day that Kyle Clinkscales was shot,” according to one of the court documents. Jones claimed Clinkscales was shot to death by another man. Kyle Clinkscales went missing in 1976 after leaving on his way to school. The car was transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, the lead agency on the case.

Pete Skandalakis, who was district attorney at the time, said he made the decision not to indict one of those people. The other pleaded guilty to two counts of making false statements and spent seven years and eight months behind bars. The creek the vehicle was discovered in runs under a bridge. The rear door of the hatchback was open and visible, authorities said.

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