Browse our solid colors and blended mixes to find the natural cedar appearance you want. Generally, CertainTeed Landmark wood burning printable stencils shingles last up to 25 years. Shingles that are not properly and regularly maintained will only last for years.

The gutters installed were Metal QA Gutters in the color Wicker. Get the latest news, tips, tools and product updates for all your roofing projects. Roofs are just as important as any other part of your house for a number of reasons.

CertainTeed warrants that its shingles will be free from manufacturing defects, and provides the extra assurance of SureStart™ protection. Below are highlights of the warranty for Landmark®. See CertainTeed’s Asphalt Shingle Products Limited Warranty document for specific warranty details regarding this product.

For 12-inch wide shingle materials this means that the headlap or covered portion of each shingle course will be 7. Landmark® PRO asphalt roofing shingles are available for Export. Please review the related Export documents for additional information. Landmark® asphalt roofing shingles are available for Export. Matching the colors of your roof and the entire house is very important because this will create the vibe you want to project for the overall appearance of your home.

May I ask, did you stick with the standard CT Landmark shingle or did you install the Landmark Pro Max Def. I am concerned the Pro Max Def may be a bit too pixelated looking? Havent painted the siding yet but im thinking to do Shoji White. Visit our Building Knowledge blog to read-up on the latest trends, innovations and news in building materials, construction and design.

Landmark driftwood, on the other hand, is more expensive. The shingles will cost you more money, especially if your house is large and you have a lot of roofs to cover. Weathered wood shingles can last for many years if taken care of. For practicality, weathered wood can last up to 60 years if maintained properly. Moreover, it is also not prone to cracks, because it is hard and strong. This Normal IL house uses dark brown roof and trim to pull richer blue tones out of the siding.

However, if you’re torn between the two and want someone else to make your mind up for you then hopefully the following information will help you make your mind up. Driftwood shingles are a type of shingle offered by Landmark. Driftwood is typically wood that has been recovered from the sea or the beach after the weather has washed it to shore.

To verify actual product color, ask to see the actual product, available through a CertainTeed contractor or distributor. QuadraBondtechnology firmly secures the layers of a shingle together, helping roofs stand up to wind and weather so they maintain their beauty and performance. Due to variation in computer monitors and printers, the color samples seen on your computer screen may not exactly match the corresponding color. Although the color is a bit unexpected, you will be surprised at how well it matches a driftwood roof. When combined with a driftwood roof, it provides a natural contrast.

We cant do black since our neighbor is building a similar house and they have moire black installed. My husband doesnt want the homes to be too similar. They also will have white siding and black windows.

Moreover, when the climate changes, weathered wood does not shrink or grow. Budget is one of the deciding factors when it comes to roofing. Without going over budget, you can purchase enough materials to cover an entire roof. Lowell, MI – Green Acres Assisted Living Facility – The shingles installed were CertainTeed Landmark Moire Black with White Drip Edge.

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