This tradition varies within countries, as in Puerto Rico it is believed that throwing the water out the window cleans the old year out. In some parts of Colombia if you throw a pan of water over your shoulder, you will be warding off all the back luck from the previous year. In Japan, it’s traditional to eat buckwheat soba noodles at midnight because the long, skinny noodles signify prosperity and longevity. According to Chinese lore, tidying on New Year’s Day is thought to clean away the good luck you’ve stored up for the new year. Seriously, you’re not supposed to sweep the house or even do your laundry. For folks in the U.S., finding a smashed plate or glass at your door wouldn’t be pleasant.

One extremely unique tradition is the planting of trees under a frozen lake in Russia. For the past 25 years, two divers have ventured into the frozen Lake Baikal to plant a New Year Tree more than 100 feet below the surface. The tree is usually a spruce that has been decorated with things to bring good luck and cheer to the community for the upcoming year. A number of Latin Americans head to the streets with their suitcases in hand as soon as the new year begins. According to this tradition, those who take their suitcases for a stroll at midnight will be rewarded with trips, vacations, and adventures in the coming 12 months.

When it comes to eating a certain food for good luck, the people of Spain rely on grapes to bring prosperity to the new year. And not just a few grapes here or there will suffice. The tradition, which has been around since the late 19th century, calls for people to eat 12 grapes — one for each strike of the bell after midnight. People wear red underwear to find love, green or yellow and gold for wealth and white for peace in the new year.

In Chile, New Year’s Eve church services take place in cemeteries where family and friends can sit with their deceased loved ones and include them in the festivities. The burning of the muñeco de Año Viejo, or the “Old Year doll,” is a tradition unique to Colombian culture. At midnight the dolls are lit on fire, setting the old ablaze and making room for the new.

After all, the close of a year like this one is well worth some revelry. If you’re lucky enough to get served the slice with a gold coin tucked away in the batter, you’ll have an especially wealthy and prosperous new year. In other words, eating this cake could make you lucky. Another ritual that made its way to Latin America from Spain is eating lentil soup for prosperity.

It’s an open-ended way to consider how you want to spend your next 52 weeks—and it’s fun to hear what friends and family members’ single word is, too. Even when you skip the parties, you’ll likely be with a loved one on December 31st—why not raise a glass and share a few words to honor the moment? Check out these New Year’s toast ideas for inspiration. Leaving your trimmed Christmas tree up doesn’t count, but redecorating with new lights IS an eco-friendly way to refresh the holiday cheer after December 25.

While wearing new, red underwear is supposed to usher in more love and passion. You’ve planned out your New Year’s resolutions, made your New Year’s Eve drinks and bernard tomic nude set out New Year’s Eve appetizers. And now, it’s time for all those fun things to do on New Year’s Eve. Do you clean your house before New Year’s guests arrive?

🙂 I just read somewhere else today about the 12 grape tradition. All I could think of was, “I wonder if they have a lot of choking incidents as a result? ” That would be the mom in me picturing my kids trying to down the grapes quickly.

The core is said to determine the fate of everyone surrounding it. If the core looks like a star, then that means you’ll be in for a great year. However, if the core resembles a cross, everyone around the apple can expect to fall ill. Remembering our loved ones who have passed is a common theme during the holiday season.

The tradition seems to vary some from country to country based on different things I’ve read. Basically, the idea is depending on the color of underwear you are wearing to bring in the new year depicts how things will go in the coming year. Most things I’ve read mainly talk about red and yellow underwear and the meaning of the colors vary slightly. This is the general idea of some of the colors I’ve come across. It’s more than a tasty way to get your antioxidant fix. If you are looking for the perfect outfit to bring in the New Year, we’ve got you covered.

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