Additionally, it generates electricity through its CHP units as a wholesale provider to the electric grid. District energy eliminates the need for boiler and chiller plants in individual buildings, improving overall efficiency, lowering carbon footprints, and increasing reliability. Vicinity’s over 450 skilled engineers, operators, and energy experts have a singular dedication to customer success and a relentless focus on delivering reliable and efficient energy products and services.

O’Malley was a member of the Democratic State Committee from 2008 to 2012 and the Advisory Committee for Project Hope, an anti-poverty agency in Boston. He also raised funds through the Boston Marathon for Children’s Hospital and Habitat for Humanity, Greater Boston. O’Malley has long been a champion of environmental causes on the City Council, and chaired its environment committee. He also partnered with now-Mayor Michelle Wu on a plan to help residents and businesses collectively buy more renewable electricity, dubbed community choice energy, and played lead roles in ordinances involving gas leaks and single-use plastic bags. He also authored the Building Energy Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance .

They discuss her campaign, what’s changed in their lives since she was last on the podcast four years ago, & what they hope to see for their districts in the future. Follow Councilor O’Malley on twitter at @MattOMalley and Councilor Campbell @AndreaForBoston. I was up in male gymnast physique Ogunquit, Maine with my family on Columbus Day weekend. I asked to go to a late dinner because I really wanted to watch The Simpsons. We watched it and then all of a sudden there was that scene and not only that but the dialogue I may adopt as my new campaign slogan.

Docket #0622 aims to eliminate gas leaks in the City of Boston within six years of the passage of the ordinance. Earlier that year, O’Malley passed an ordinance dubbed the “Puppy Mill Bill,” that would prohibit pet shops in Boston from selling dogs, cats or rabbits and would prevent animal sales in public parks and on city streets. As a result, Boston joined more than 120 municipalities that have banned the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens from pet shops. Its aim was to diminish large-scale breeding facilities employed by these commercial facilities, many of which have multiple violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. Sometimes it’s the advocacy of this office and this job to try to always push for higher affordability percentages or ways to incentivize and encourage the affordability aspect because it is something that is significant.

In December 2021, O’Malley announced his new position as Chief Sustainability Officer for Vicinity Energy, the largest district energy provider in the United States. 2012–2013In 2012, O’Malley pushed for new energy-saving considerations in City buildings such as City Hall to measure how much energy it was using and whether or not it was efficient. He also introduced a hearing order to explore curbside composting in Boston. His hearing on ways to reduce to litter in Boston led to the creation of Clean Boston Task Force, a group of Boston residents who meet to discuss problem areas in Boston, and solutions that have worked in their communities.

Starting in 2017, Councilor O’Malley began hosting a podcast called, the “O’Pod,” where he interviews fellow elected officials, city workers, notable people, his staff, family, and friends. Guests have included, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, 2018 Boston Marathon women’s winner Desiree Linden, and former Boston City Councilor John M. Tobin Jr. His professional political experience began in managing the campaign for Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral in 2004, the first female in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts history to hold the position. O’Malley also served as the Director of Legislative Affairs for Suffolk County, where he worked to implement numerous crime prevention initiatives.

Thursday, December 8th from 5-8pm Everyone is welcome to frolic on their own to Jamaica Plain businesses to enjoy shopping, cocktails, treats, discounts, door prizes and giveaways. We organized a check-in program for senior citizens during the pandemic. We have more than 100 volunteers, and we have made north of 20,000 phone calls to check in with seniors. We did another push for gift cards for supermarkets to get people access to food during the pandemic. I say that to note what an honor it is to play a role in coordinating that neighbor-to-neighbor support. The weather was perfect and it was great seeing friends & neighbors while supporting one of our favorite parks.

Hicks said her exposure occurred at home and not on the campaign trail and, as of Saturday, her campaign team had tested negative. She identifies as Afro-Latina and Black, according to the Bay State Banner. Refreshing to see an elected official going to the private sector to do some good. As a councilor, O’Malley long championed environmental causes – and sometimes butted heads with National Grid over leaks from its own underground network. He’s represented one of the city’s most politically diverse districts, stretching from Jamaica Plain, one of Boston’s most progressive neighborhoods, through parts of Roslindale and into West Roxbury, perhaps the city’s most conservative communities. The city’s population has grown exponentially, and property values have increased dramatically making it harder for people to stay.

With the recent launch of the company’sClean Energy Futureroadmap, Vicinity has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across all operations by 2050. He leaves public office amid a historic progressive political movement in Boston and a remake of city government, with the most diverse City Council, including more women and minorities, in the panel’s history. The next election is a year away, but council candidates have already announced they are running, including in Jamaica Plan. Two city councilors, Andrea Campbell and Michelle Wu, have also announced their intentions to run for mayor.

In 2013, he was the only councilor to call for a citywide vote for a proposed casino in East Boston, saying all voters should have a say. In a letter to supporters, O’Malley also celebrated his constituent services work, getting streets plowed, gas leaks repaired, and telephone poles moved. And he noted the work to renovate Millennium Park, Jamaica Pond, the Jamaica Plain library branch and the Egleston Square firehouse, as well as the planned Billings Field renovation.

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