His belief in unfettered capitalism and individual self-reliance appears stronger than ever. He hasn’t become disillusioned with his very profitable career or his nomadic, solitary lifestyle. His complaints—that America is too divided, President Obama too partisan, and the country in the grip of an entitlement mentality that is out of control—seem pretty run-of-the-mill. America’s best-known public-opinion guru hasn’t suddenly gone vegan. Something in his psyche has broken, and he does not know if he can recover.

“I’m never in the same place more than 47 minutes,” said Luntz, who worried that even with the knowledge from his parents’ 47-year marriage, he would be unsuccessful in raising a family. His 20-year career nearly ended with a January 10th, 2020, stroke, although he recovered to continue his media appearances. Luntz appeared in another international focus group at the turn of the decade, this time for the UK general election. Luntz became well-known across American politics thanks to these ideas, which earned him hundreds of guest roles on publications and news shows. Following his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Luntz moved to Trinity College, Oxford, where he received a doctorate in politics.

But beneath the surface, he says, is a roiling turmoil that threatens to consume him. He orders a chicken pot pie, then berates himself for not choosing something healthier. In recent months, he tells me, he has often contemplated quitting everything; he has spent long weeks alone, unable to sort out his thoughts. Frank Luntz, the master political manipulator, a man who has always evinced a cheery certainty about who’s right and who’s winning and how it all works, is a mess. Being a political communications adviser, spokesperson, pollster, and expert on socio-political topics, he has enormous information on how our government works.

Luntz has been working hard as an honest person for the welfare of his nation. Know more about Frank Luntz with some of his interesting facts below. Most of all, Luntz says, he wishes we would stop yelling at one another. Luntz dreams of drafting some of the rich CEOs he is friends with to come up with a plan for saving America from its elected officials.

A brain scan indicated he’d also been having mini-strokes. Late one night this month, he woke up so famished and miserable that he decided to share his frustration with the world. “I’d rather be embarrassed about my weight than hungry and exhausted,” the pollster said.

Luntz became even more well-known with his research into the American people’s interest in US energy independence, and with his late 2000s election polls. The 2000s were a critical point for Luntz’s political career, where he collected information from tens of thousands of citizens across multiple polls. Later finding maximum and minimum calculator that year, Luntz served as independent Ross Perot’s general pollster, who went to win 18.9% of the popular vote. Luntz attended Trinity alongside future British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, even counseling the future Prime Minister after his election as President of the Oxford union debate society.

Sports bettor was set to turn his $26 wager into $557,770 if France beat Argentina. “There are enough election deniers out there — candidates running that are going to lose and going to claim that they won, and they won’t accept the election results. According to a January 6th, 2014, interview with The Atlantic, Luntz has stated that he has no romantic relationships, thanks to his nomadic lifestyle. Throughout his career leading to this point, Luntz had worked for more than fifty Fortune 500 companies, leading more than 2,500 surveys, focus groups, tests, and sessions in 20+ countries. Luntz went international in 2005, having conducted a focus group broadcast on that year’s UK Conservative leadership election.

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