When you use a sea salt spray or a texturizing spray to produce your curls, you’ll have plenty of hair to work with. Below, check out our step by step guide to perm or curl men’s hair, including the top-rated hair styling products and blow dryers you’ll need how to avoid hot roots on gray hair to create curls that will last. Trying to figure out how to make your hair curly men should first get a haircut that will make it easier to turn your locks into curls. Then, use a hair product, such as a sea salt spray, and style your hair with a diffuser.

It takes patience to get hair to this length, especially if you’re growing it from a short style, but the payoff is a big one. Whether it’s tucked behind your ears or left to flow, a longer style like this is a showstopper. Curly hair looks best—and is easiest to maintain—when it’s kept around shoulder-length or longer.

All you need for this method is a good old headband and a texturizing product. Put your headband on over your hair, Coachella-style, and dampen your locks with texture spray. “On damp hair, start rolling sections from the bottom up and secure with a bobby pin,” he says.

It will allow you to make them more voluminous and textured. Using a straightener, curl random strands of your hair in different directions and apply a hair wax to fix the result. There is no one best haircut for men with curly hair, however, shorter cuts tend to favour tighter curls and longer cuts loose curls.

Use a diffuser on the lowest setting to speed up the drying process. If your hair already has a wavy texture to it, soft, defined curls are easy to achieve. Conditioner complements this feel, helping keep the frizz to a minimum without weighing your hair down.

This French twist technique is a super easy way to achieve salon-like waves. Twist sections of your hair over each other and gather the twists into little buns. According to YouTuber Vivian V, you should leave the twist braids in for at least six hours, and then gently pull them out to get the final look. Once you have your sock bun, pull your ponytail through the hole, and then pull sections of your hair through it to create a large bun. Again, let the bun sit overnight, and pull your hair out to get gorgeous wavy locks. Unlike a longer fro, this shorter version doesn’t require your curls be super tight and compact.

Note that there is little to no fade—you want a uniform length on the sides with only slightly more on top. Both of our experts tell us that men blessed with hair that is already curly or wavy can enhance their look using their hands. That said, they also recommend using products to ensure that your handiwork stays in place. “If you have naturally curly hair just to crunch it with some products to make it look more polished,” Rivera tells us. This is provided that your hair is at least two inches long.

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