Style it with a styling cream or cream pomade for a little bit of shine and hold without a greasy look. The afro curls require some time and effort to be perfectly styled, but once they are done, they look extremely wild. Taper fades can be high, medium or low, depending upon your desired choice.

Other variations of long curly hair refer to when it is around cheek to shoulder length. Still long, but undeniably shorter than the aforementioned lob style, this curly hairstyle lends itself to greater styling options and equally head-turning looks. If you’re keen to have short hair, but not as dramatic as the buzzcut, then a crew cut is ideal for you.

All you need is some strong hair pomade to keep those bangs at bay. Traditionally, a buzz cut is one length all over with the clippers, but it is possible to get a little creative should you choose to. I mean you never have to worry about your hair looking a mess, because that’s kind of the point. Thanks to the likes of Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose, the side comb is iconic in the fashion world.

This was cut with scissors leaving more length in the back, while layering techniques were used to create the ‘shag’. Ask your barber for day-to-day styling tips to maintain your look and try to follow his/her advice for the best results. A good blow dry with a curling cream will give you the bounce and curl you desire. You cannot go wrong with a Mexican haircut no matter what natural hair texture you have. So, if you are ready to upgrade your look to a stylish Mexican cut, wait no longer.

The sides are mid-faded for that slight rough look especially the tossed texture. The best part is temple fade that blends beard quite well is a cherry on the top. These hairitage curl cream short curls don’t even look like curls and they bring the fun subtly. The sides and back are finely tapered and not faded so that it doesn’t look very intense.

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