Miller Hats offers an extensive selection of Cowboy Hats, whether your first choice is an Old West, Gambler or Outback Western Hat. One of the first steps in the crafting of a custom cowboy hat. FRONTIER FUR FELT has all the same characteristics as our fine, standard hat bodies – just a longer finish to the fur of the hat. You can request Frontier Fur Felt for any of our hats, simply by entering the request in the PRODUCTION NOTES. Not as long as Buffalo Bill Cody’s hat seen here, but longer than today’s standard hat bodies.

2 styles, colored cartoon line icons and black outlines. All our custom hats and leather ship from our shop in the USA. Your hat comes with a couple of felt stays that slide up under the sweat band should the hat be slightly loose.

While providing less protection from the sun, their turned-up brims prevent them from being as easily knocked off during lasso use. An Unfinished Brim is more for an everyday-do-yer-work type Cowboy Hat and likely the more common of the two finishes for a wide brimmed cowboy hat. It is also fairly easy to reshape the brim of a beaver/beaver blend cowboy hat with just a steam iron and a bit of patience. Rocky Mountain Ranger Cowboy Hat – this is a custom, handmade cowboy hat. With this design we attempted to fashion a crown shape reminiscent of a ridge in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. We feel this back crease beautifully compliments the 3 pinch creasing we have worked into the front of the crown.

If you own a transport company and want to introduce luxurious, comfortable, and spacious texas ranger cowboy hat on the road for passengers, is where to turn to. These sturdy and reliable texas ranger cowboy hat are made of robust body materials that offer long-lasting performance and are able to withstand heavy uses. These texas ranger cowboy hat come with higher degrees of automation and fully automatic electronic program control while cruising. John Wayne christened them “the hat that won the West”.

File is built in CMYK for optimal printing and the background is on a separate layer. Some cowboy hats have been called “ten-gallon” hats. There are multiple theories for how the concept arose. We sell 3 quality beaver blends of fine western hats – 5X, 20X and 100X. Add a quality horse hair hat band to any hat (ADD during checkout with the purchase of a hat – not sold separately). Can be worn on ANY hat just by sliding it over the satin ribbon and bow or wear it alone.

You can let us choose the right match for your hat or request brown or black latigo lace to go with your hand made cowboy hat. A flat design/thin Canadian line icon with small openings in the outlines to add some character. Color swatches are global so it’s easy to edit and change the colors.

The response to this was that militia units were formed throughout the Northwest Territories of Canada. One unit was organized and commanded by a former Cavalry Captain, John Stewart. Stewart called the group the Rocky Mountain Rangers. The unit was made up of 3 troops of 40 men each. Many Rangers were former Mounties, but most Troopers were American cowboys working ranches in the Medicine Hat area. I stand behind the originality and quality of my products.

You’ve likely seen this look before in a western movie. You can generally spot a long haired fur-felt in most of the westerns filmed in the 1930s and 40s. Errol Flynn wore it in several of his western movie’s like Dodge City. Our hats are made with beaver fur felt which is dense and virtually waterproof.

Modern cowboy hats are made of fur-based felt, straw or, less often, leather. They are sold with a tall, rounded crown and a wide flat brim. They have a simple sweat band on the inside to stabilize the fit of the head, and usually a small decorative hat band on the outside of the crown.

If one chooses to take the Jury Rigging perk, the ranger hat can be used to repair light helmets and headgear. Additionally, the ranger hat can be used to repair any light armor. Vector silhouette of cowboy and horse standing against evening… President Ronald Reagan demonstrated the popularity of the cowboy hat as a movie star, as a resident of the American a pocket guide to public speaking 5th edition west, and as a horseback rider. Miller Hats has been in the hat business for over 30 years, are family owned and operated, and committed to providing our customers with quality hats and unsurpassed service. Miller Hats sells only those hats that meet our superior standards; and will therefore provide you, the customer, with years of wearing pleasure.

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