Watch the style of pitcher and the type of ball they like to throw. If you know the ball better you will likely swing better and get more hits. Hitting View – Strike Zone, Strike Zone 2, or Strike Zone High will be your best options here, as they give the clearest view of the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand.

Whether you’re playing the CPU or a human-controlled opponent, there are certain pitches and locations that are go-tos for the man on the mound. This is an invaluable tool for getting a great read on your timing. I also love this because it’s like putting in your time in the batting cage, which is another real-life baseball parallel. For Zone hitting, your aim will be to make a swing with “Perfect” swing timing on one of the three circular dots in the photo .

Once it all falls into place, you’ll find yourself making better contact than ever before, and, in turn, bring home more Ws in MLB The Show. Next, you want to take care of some things in the settings before actually stepping up to the plate. For more MLB The Show 22 guides, like How to Earn Stubs without Spending Real Money and How to Improve Your Ballplayer in Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, click through the links. Zone hitting is objectively the only way to hit if you want to be competitive online.

These can be changed at any time, so change the controls if you don’t like how you feel. One of the most electric parts of baseball is stepping up to the plate and whaling the ball over the wall and well into the stands. When it comes down to hitting settings in MLB The Show 21, there are various options to choose from depending on your style of play and level of difficulty.

In-Play View Offense – High is optimal for having the best view, but this really is personal preference. Yes, but because I’m a baseball fan first, and most of my enjoyment of the game has come from watching the sport on television, that’s the presentation I want from my gaming experience. You’re not going to become the next Aaron Judge or Mike Trout overnight.

Choose the style of hitting that works best for you, but most will tell you, and I 100% agree, Zone Hitting is the best approach. Note that the left and right joysticks are denoted as L and R, and pushing on either will be marked as L3 and R3. Any action not listed in another section means that the same button rules apply from a previous section. There are multiple MLB icons’ stances to pick from when you start The Show 22, but there are a few that stand out as some of the best. Utilize all of the different cameras, PCI designs, and PCI placements until you find that perfect mesh of everything.

Further, if you have a speedy batter with at least a decent drag bunt rating, particularly a left-handed batter, use drag bunts to get a runner on base and pressure the defense. A speedy runner can throw off the pitcher, concerned about the steal, leading to you capitalizing on their mistake. A swing and a miss with after good stride timing.When using Pure Analog, it will be important to understand each batter’s stances and strides. Some, like Will Smith of the Los Angeles Dodgers, have a high leg kick, while others, like Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels, have a little leg kick or don’t have one at all.

Strike Zone 2 and 3 are similar views just a bit more zoomed out to give you more of the overall presentation. I will say though, don’t bother trying cameras like Wide, Pitcher or Fish Eye pitching pocket pro because you’ll find yourself struggling to get a good sense of balls and strikes more often than not. However, before swinging, you can use the left stick to affect the result you get.

Take your time, take advantage of what the game offers you, and practice your swing and your patience. Just try not to be discouraged if you find yourself making great contact but still ending up out because even the best players in the world still only make it to base 30-40% of the time. If you find yourself constantly dropping the PCI down on almost every pitch, try starting low where you only have to worry about moving up and over. If you struggle to reach those higher pitches in the zone, start at the top and move down.

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