Can you write about personal finance and money for this world-famous newspaper and magazine’s website? With some great insider advice, research, and the right pitch, YES you can. Bitcoin Tech Weekly is looking for freelance articles about bitcoin-related subjects. Most of their articles fall into the “time-sensitive” category so you’ll need to write fast . You can pitch feature articles that aren’t tied to current events too, giving yourself more time to research and write. If you know a lot about some aspect of Bitcoin, send them a pitch.

For one thing, many young adults and students need to consider paying for their biggest expenses, such as a new car, home, or postsecondary education. Taking away 10% to 20% of available funds would be a definite setback in making those purchases. Many people have loved ones who always seem to need financial help—it is difficult to refuse to help them. If you include planning to assist them in real emergencies using your emergency fund, it can make the burden easier.

Common Cents Mom started out as a one mom’s personal journey to financial wellness. Now it’s a personal finance blog helping families navigate the complex choices in paying off debt, saving money, and spending less. And if you’re into frugal family living, they hire freelance finance writers.


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But, I digress, so to stay in the good graces of the Girl Scouts, the cat, and the money nerds over at Dell, I can’t give you free advertising on my blog. Additionally, please don’t send us pitches to review your infographic; we are not interested in linking them. Our free tool can help you find an advisor who serves your needs. Get matched with a financial advisor who fits your unique criteria. Once you’ve been matched, consult for free with no obligation. Insurance agents sell clients one or more types of insurance.

To figure out how many years it will take your savings to double, divide 72 by the interest rate of your savings. Controlling the amount of money you spend can allow you to set aside money to grow your financial future. Terry Turner is a senior financial writer for The idea of diversification is an important part of creating a strong investment portfolio; this includes both the riskiness of individual stocks and their intended investment horizon.

As we are getting a large number of email inquiries regarding ‘write for us’ it could be a delay in responding to your query. This would request you all to have patience regarding your query sent. Content must be 100% original and not published anywhere else online .

They run calls for submissions on selected topics they’d like to receive pitches about (not necessarily money-related topics, but you never know). Or you can simply pitch them an idea to see what they think of it. The Points Guy site is all about how to use credit card points and miles to save money while travelling.

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