From its natural gray color to its topknot styling, everything about Linda Rodin’s mane oozes effortless beauty. “This fashion/beauty icon looks amazing with her hair styled up and back away from her beautiful face,” notes De Souza about Rodin. To keep with this look’s casual appeal, leave your topknot loose and pull out some wispy baby hairs for good measure. A great trick for straight, thin hair is traditional foil highlights, as well as highlights and lowlights. They will add gorgeous streaks of color and the illusion of more volume.

This latest hair colour will liven the tresses for it is one of the boldest shades you can imagine, experimenting. The burgundy shade of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best hair colour for women as it suits all Indian skin tones. The hair colour gives venom 2 digital you a straight out of salon look. But why spend your hard-earned money on the salon when you can achieve the same look by doing hair colour at home? The revolutionary Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour has made it possible to do burgundy hair colour at home.

Highlights and lowlights are multidimensional colored hair with streaks of a color that contrast with the base color . For hair like Angela Bassett’s, ask for a clear shine glaze or lowlights with a deep brown undertone. At home, try a “gloss” treatment and add depth by painting on thin lowlights a shade darker than your base or look for a color like “caramel” or “chestnut.” The two subtle strands of highlights framing Ciara’s face add an instant touch of warmth, and draw the eye to her face.

In this next hairstyle, she has added golden tones to her dark brown hair and the contrast between the two colors looks amazing. Try adding in a few spiral curls and you are going to feel so beautiful. Adding super subtle platinum highlights adds intense dimension to dark chocolate brown hair. Tread lightly, as highlights this much lighter than the base color can go too far if done heavily. Ashy brown locks lean towards cool tones, such as silver, rather than warm tones, such as the reds and golds in chestnut browns.

With burgundy hair colour one hairstyle we love is an elegant twisted side bun. This is a versatile hairstyle and looks equally good with a saree, lehenga, gown or even indo-western wear. Take a 3-inch section from the centre parting of your hair in the front and twist them in a braid along your forehead.

This technique is often compared to a balayage. And although similar, the end result is different. The foil application is the same as traditional highlights but with much smaller sections. Very small sections of hair are brushed with bleach, then wrapped with foil.

It’s all about getting a well-rounded shine without slipping into solid blonde. Long hairstyles will almost always help you show off your new highlights in a glamorous way. Having longer locks also means you can play around with color distribution. For example, you can get frontal highlights with lowlights.

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